Ten Top Tips for Remote Meetings from the Teams team

The Discussion

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    It's too bad that most of the features/tips presented here aren't even available to all tenant types. How about tips for GCC tenants?

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    Joseph Sullivan

    It was nice to see the examples provided here however, the backgrounds feature is not available to everyone. It would be nice to see how to add, change the backgrounds.

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    thanks for tips, very valuable.
    now that we are able to add our own backgrounds, that makes it more interesting!
    btw, I love Prague and was there last year on same date!! wonderful city!

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    A worthwhile effort, but comments such as:
    * "fingers crossed"
    * "hopefully everything works"
    * "give it a second"
    * "just a minute"
    * "it's a little bit slow"
    * "congratulations everybody"
    * "fatigue with Teams"

    ...send a certain kind of message.

    Logging in to Teams twice to do something that should be possible as a presenter is problematic for most users. Avoid "tricks" and make them obvious features. Consult with real business users (not just IT pros) to better understand the challenges that non-technical users have with online meeting products.

    Focus development efforts on the desktop + mobile / dual-screen scenarios, as this makes Teams a more adaptable, more versatile, more usable product. Also, smoother integrations with PowerPoint, Whiteboard and Edge would enhance the value and utility of Teams IMHO.
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    Buenos días,

    ¿¿tenéis información sobre las conexiones y ajustes en equipos Cisco SX20??

    muchas gracias

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    There were a few useful ones that I didn't know were available, so thank you all for the tips. I do hope that the Teams team will continue to focus development on speed and efficiency for larger groups and for mobile integration so that Teams doesn't get quite so bogged down when there gets to be a lot of people on one meeting without having to ask everyone to turn off their video; however, I understand that there are limits to current bandwidth technology. Still overall, a very useful video, so again, thank you all!

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    Humberto Vega

    Aunque tenemos la opción de subtítulos, sería muy enriquecedor que los vídeos fueran en español.

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