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    Noticed that the .Net 5 preview 4 bits released on the 19th (5.0.100-preview.4.20258.7) are still generating .Net Core 3.1 style Single File executables that unpack. When will the new .Net 5 previews start generating the run in place style Single File executables? I ask because deploying 3.1 style Single File executables in Linux can cause interesting issues with user permissions if the tmp directory is shared among users. Since one user unpacks the files to say /var/tmp and then when another user attemtps to run the app they don't have exec permissions on the extracted files and the app won't start.

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    Jeff Williams

    Good presentation.

    Y'all's microphone levels were way out of whack. Need to find a way to get the levels on par.

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    Jeff Siemens

    I actually laugh out loud (in a good way) at Hanselman slurping away at his McDonald's drink while in the middle of a 'serious' conference presentation from a major corporation. Love that you guys kept it nice and light! :) Great work with everything and thanks for sharing!

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    This is great. When I have some heavy and long tasks to do I can push that to Azure and save some money on my electricity bill, because I can turn off my laptop :)

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    I'm an old coder. My first formal languages were COBOL and FORTRAN in the early 80's. Thank you for bringing back "Single File EXE". I think my average daily heart rate will go down from this point alone. Looking forward to everything "ONE.NET"!

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    @PatrickSimpson: It looks like it's being tracked on GitHub here:
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    Thank you Scotts and thank you Microsoft.

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    I love Scott Hanselman, a very smart guy that makes every video fun to watch with some joke or two.
    He makes learning enjoyable, seriously.

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    So much amazing tech! There's never been a better time to be a .NET developer, seriously! Well, except for maybe a little over a year into the future. đŸ˜‹
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    MAUI looks cool! Just two thoughts:

    - If I start a Xamarin Forms app now, how hard will it be to migrate to MAUI later?
    - I like the declarative C# syntax in MAUI. But using methods to set properties on the label seems somehow unnecessary/outdated when one could use object initializer syntax, e.g.:
    new Label {
        Text = () => $"Value = {count.Value}"
        Color = Color.Black,
        TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Left,
        FontSize = 32
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    Much exciting.
    Can I download all the subtitle as text?

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    Hi, regarding the MAUI windows app, has Xamarin developed UI controls specifically for MAUI Windows? How does it differ from UWP/WPF controls? Is it just a different rendering engine? Will MAUI converge with Blazor in the future to blur the lines between a web/desktop/mobile apps. Thanks.
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    Hi, another question, how does MAUI compare to the experimental mobile bindings for Blazor which Steve Sanderson showed a while back? Is that effort discontinued? Thank you.
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    SQL Server on linux is nice, now open source it please.....

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    Nick Fury

    No multithreading, so doublecross the whole hype before they implement it in Mono.
    The weird part is that multithreading exists from long time in WebASM, but Mono project reject to implement it, and when you ask in Blazor github they are sending you to ask in Mono github, asking there - they are resending you back to Blazor github or closing or not responsing to the thread.

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    No Body

    First, I enjoyed the MS build events!

    However, I honestly think that there was no need to lie that the vents were live because I really doubt.

    Take this demo for example, which was demonstrated in a couple of "live" sessions. Under the "Fetch Data" tab of the demonstrated application, it is supposed to display May 19 if it was really live, but it displays May 13. I guess that tells me that MS build events were recorded a week before the live session time?

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    All of this sounds great, but what happens if you have a web app still on MVC using .NET 4.x, how long it that going to be supported for after .NET 5.0 is released?

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    I came here from watching this video on YouTube:
    It said to come here for the Source. I assumed that was to download the code they were speaking of and had on the screen. Is the actual Source Code available for this?

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