Build native apps for any device with .NET

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    Excelente, ojala llegue pronto, soy de Ecuador y me interesa desarrollar con este framework para mi pais
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    Nice roadmap
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    I mentor a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team and a C# developer. FTC uses Android phones and Java for controlling the robots, so the youth are encouraged to learn Java and my job as a mentor is to introduce them to the Java ecosystem. Has MS ever thought about working with FIRST to encourage the use of C# vice Java? Many of the youth doing programming in robotics end up going into computer science or an engineering discipline in college, so getting them used to C# and seeing how it can be used cross-platform and in the IOT space would be amazing for these future developers.

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    Why so peppy, I LOVE it!

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    Sipho Ngubonde

    This is exiting innovation, well done team.

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    Lovely demo,
    I like the content but please, stick to the program. The jokes started me to get annoyed after a while.

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    Miguel Vargas

    Excelente, solo que me gustaria que haya una parte en español para toda Europa y América Latina, ya que somos un público bien abarcante en el mundo. espero esta petición sea acogida.

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    Syed Bilal Ali

    Hi ,
    I am really excited and waiting MAUI for our life and change perception of .net developers into one unified way to develop tools and products for their end user. So I am really excited about it its not november its will mauimber. Thanks for made changes in .net in new way with current js technologies booms.

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