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    Ted, I have quite a number of football (soccer) apps which have proved to be reasonably popular in the UK.  Here is my question:

    Technically I can make these apps a single data driven app that would apear to be distinctive and branded to a particular club (which is what is needed for the target market).  But for WP7 I had to create a seperate XAP for each of my favourite clubs in order for them to be individually branded within the marketplace.

    Am I going to be in a similar position with the Win8 marketplace or can I deliver a single XAML App (branded and data driven so it apears to be bespoke) but then market this single app as multiple apps (vertical market apps as it were) within the marketplace?

    Note that I know that I can deliver a single app that can be configured by the user to the team of their choice - but this is harder to market to fans than apps which apear completely bespoke.

    Hope that makes sense.

    As an independent developer I am very excited about developing for Windows 8.



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    As a WP7 developer my plan is to make my existing apps available on Win8 asap*.

    My question:

     Are there any plans within the Windows Store to indicate that a particular app is available on multiple platforms? (specifically Win8 and WP7).

    On a related note, if an App is available on both platforms is the user forced to buy it twice or is this in the hands of the developer?




    * I am starting with this one:

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    Subscription business model support?

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    Ted's tone was condescending and combative. There was little real information, since the app store policies are still unannounced.

    It's a shame that desktop apps will be second class in the windows store.

    I've got 72" of monitors on my desktop here and I'm not often going to be handing them over to some mickey mouse metro app. It will be a great tablet OS but I was hoping the app store would have an impact on the desktop experience as well.

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    Ian Walker

    I did a walk through of the App Certification (pre) process on my blog here:

    Good to see MS putting in controls around the submission process that appear to loosely mirror the high standards around the Windows Phone App submission process.

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    Ted's tone was condescending and combative.

    I agree that some parts of his talk was like this. Ted was definitely very passionate about this topic.

    On a lighter note, I'm really excited to build apps for the new platform. There's a lot of potential for developers!

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    David Nelson

    I'm not even 20 minutes in and this is already the most infuriating video I'm ever seen. This kind of unethical heavy-handed behavior is what I expect from Apple, not from Microsoft.

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    David Nelson

    Every time he said "we will take responsibility" I cringed. Such a bureaucratic, parental attitude. And then he has the audacity to claim that they are giving developers "choice", when what they are actually doing is taking all of the choice away from developers, then giving tiny scraps of it back so they can look like the good guys.

    It's not that what they are offering doesn't have value. It's that they are cramming it down my throat without allowing me any alternative. I am absolutely seething right now.

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    Am I correct to understand that the Windows Store is the only method by which I can deploy a Metro App?  I.E. suppose I want to write an app for my mother-in-law to use on her Win8 tablet.  Are you telling me that I can only get it to her machine by running it through the approval process and piping it through the store?

    I think I heard something somewhere else.  I couldn't finish Ted's video today because the bandwidth of the corporate LAN seems to be bottling it up, but I got far enough to hear him say that the store was the ONLY method of distribution.  Is this correct?

    As a Windows developer I have always counted on the fact that I could distribute my app as I see fit.  Somehow this just doesn't add up.

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    Yeah this talk was pretty bad.  It sums up the worst part of the BUILD conference, which was that Microsoft was overselling and overhyping their offerings to try and get everyone excited.

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    So on top of having the monopoly over distribution of someone's else work, microsoft want to limit them technologically and censor(content policy)?

    I'm ashamed of planing to develop something for this plataform.

    Did you guys forgot the "Develop. Develop. Develop."? What makes a plataform is its developers, the advantage of developing of windows was not having to deal with such bullshit. Metro-Style is inferior to Android, you are making my decision to what develop for easier.
    I hope developers stop developing desktop apps(wp7, .net, whatever) as well so there's less to support this new subsystem and both windows and microsoft go away.

    I'm really tired of this bullshit. And really ashamed of myself for needing to work... for censors: are you going to comply with sexually retard people, right ms? Like all american companies seems to be christianism friendly when they gets monopoly over distribuition.

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