Designing Metro style: principles and personality

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    This was a brilliant session.  Please share the video and deck. 

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    Good stuff. was important to get the background and influence behind metro. looking forward to the deck;-)
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    Will there be videos of the breakout talks? There are some that I would love to watch.

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    Yes will there be videos of the breakout talks?

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    Great talk!  One of the best -- would love to see the principles and guidance distilled into a simple list / cheat that references this video where he elaborates on these ideas.

    Important: The last 2:30 of this video (MP4 version) freezes ... timeline plays, but no audio and video is frozen.  Streaming version is fine. 

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    Actually metro analogies don't work at all.
    I am constantly confused in the airports with their stupid signs. My first move there is to find someone who talks.

    Typography especially bold - looks cheap and ugly. Everyone thinks it should be dumb.

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    Nice theory, but it seems in reducing to practice the minimalist, form follows function aesthetic got lost somewhere along the line. All that distracting motion and bright color in slide 44+ looks more like a childs paint-box or Gaudi's tiles in the Park Guell than something Mies van der Rohe might have conceived. The theatre example is certainly a bold use of typography, but as a means of conveying information clearly or quickly it sucks

    Overall I like the concepts behind Metro, but I think it still needs that Jobsian obsessiveness to really work  If you want the tile layout to actually be beautiful in the real world, then you are going to have to apply a little more control over the elements that can get posted there; for example constraining the palette to two or three theme colors (with adequate contrast), avoiding arbitrary bitmap images, and outlawing or severely restricting how and when animation happens.

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    Paris Vega

    I agree with Vibrania. The minimilist ideals need to be applied to the behavioral design. The idea of content over chrome is great, but it doesn't quite match the current execution yet.

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    I really fear that Metro design maybe missing the mark completely. At about 39 minutes in sums it up...the point is made that the old Icons are ridiculous and the new ones make much more sense. I find the new look busy, distracting, and I wouldn't know where to go to calculate something, start a new generic document, make a new appointment, or start a new email.

    The animation is nice for a phone, but quite distracting for a computer or tablet for that manner. It takes me away from what I was trying to focus on and diverts me to pay attention to whatever is now moving on the screen. I think there are some serious flaws in the thinking behind making Metro Apps the mainstay of Desktop or tablet form factors.

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    Great talk!

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    Doesn't play in Mozilla Firefox w/o Silverlight.

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    Marco Pivetta

    Silverlight? :| Really?


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    Soooooo boooooring…

    Anyone want to share time indices where anything resembling an interesting point sort of tries to show itself?

    I'm interested in Metro, but this guy does not know how to give a presentation.

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    2 Stunden für nichts neues? Was meint Ihr denn (wieder)erfunden zu haben? Diese Präsentation wertet für mich das "neue" Design von Windows nur noch weiter ab …

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    Great ideas, but the speaker goes round and round too many times. He speaks too much and at the end he became repetitive. But besides it, i congratulate the microsoft design team for the brilliant work. I use mac for a long time and the new identity of the windows 8 or the windows 7.5 mango, are really beautiful. Finally!

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    marcos aurelio

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    This could have been a succinct, interesting 10 minute presentation with an engaging presenter and useful, coherent points.

    But it wasn't.

    Maybe a bit of editing will help.

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