Developing drivers in Visual Studio

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    Great session and a great segway to the Windows 8 Kernel Debug Transports and Certification requirements talk!

    Learn more about Network kernel debugging and USB3 debugging here:

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    Historic talk.  Someday I will be telling my grandkids about how we used  to write drivers and I'll be able to tell them that I was at the session where it all changed for the better. Thank you.

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    This is what is expected from Doron - be always on top of the game :). Thank you Doron!

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    your welcome. glad everyone liked the work we have done so far

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    Great session.

    Being able to VS to build device driver is cool.

    BTW: Does it exist a special build of the STL library that can be used for drivers? Seems that you ban C++ exceptions in driver code; would STL work if it throws SEH exceptions instead of C++ exceptions? Will such a version of STL be available in VC11?



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    Very good session and Doron always Rocks...

    But no talk about co-installer? Now onwords we dont have to provide co-installer with driver:)

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