Delivering a secure and fast boot experience with UEFI

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    Craig S

    This was by far one of the most informative sessions I have seen during this build conference, including the Windows Server 8 sessions. Thanks for such a great presentation!

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    David Skoll

    AKA how to make sure new computers cannot boot Linux.

    I'm sure MSFT is drooling at this prospect. "If you can't beat them,... cheat!"

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    How do I boot Linux, BSD, Solaris, Plan 9, Haiku, DOS or any other operating system?

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    So now no one can boot a non-MS operating system? That's your idea of innovation? Or it's fear from competitors? Force everyone to use that crappy Windows 8 interface with severe mistakes in UI design?

    You are simply ridiculous. Like Win Phone 7 (does WP7 already passed Bada market share? Oh, no, not yet). Honestly, I hope that Google just continues to beat you in competition like today. At least, they use their own capacity to compete on the market, not cheap shots like this.

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    I will NEVER buy a computer with locked boot.

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    I have to join Goncalves and boycott UEFI based hardware, it's just another way for a company to try to lock hardware manufacturers to sell just one and only operating system (personally I have to say that OS isn't worth the money, they should be paying people to use it, not the other way around).

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    I really enjoyed the session as well as the ask the experts round table. Arie was very informative ...

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    He say like "our trusted location servers will not fail".

    I´m just thinking when for some reason the Active Directory gets mad/crashes(and it´s not dificult due to the amount of Windows administrators that don´t think about HA/Security/Redundancy) and all the "Trusted Location" became a "swamp of screams"....

    What will be the next step. Lock the user brain to just one computer?

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    rich norris

    In a way , I am glad that microsoft dont like linux, as long as they are against it, they wont have much input into how it is constructed, which is a good thing as if they do "get involved" where do we go then to get away from gates?
    I know there are a lot of distributions but some of them run on the same base.
    For my part I will continue to dual boot untill something replaces Cubase or they port it to ubuntu (wishfull thinking ??), also linux is still very much like 98 insofar as if you want to run certain audio interfaces (tascam us144) you have to become command line comfortable.

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    David Skoll


    I am in charge of buying hardware at my (small) company. We buy several tens of thousands of dollars of PC hardware per year... not a lot in the big scheme of things, but a lot for a small company.

    We will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES purchase any hardware that does not allow us to install Linux. So those hardware vendors who want to be Windows 8 compliant, think very carefully. If you don't provide a way to disable bootloader verification or allow end-users to insert their own verification keys, you will not get our business.

    I encourage anyone else in this position to post here.

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    IF this means that the device is not able to boot alternative OSes, don't kind on my money.

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    OMG... now the BIOS will need easy hard drive switch boot interface?

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    I am glad the support for other ugly OSes is removed. It always confuses and dirties the system's core. Win-Win for Windows!

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    You really shouldn't have shown the "foreign languge"-BOSD. Not only because it obviously has problems with unicode but also because the German in it is complete rubbish.

    Finally swithiching to UEFI however is great. And those boot times are amazing!

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    :( WTF I've just spend hundreds of dollar for this full windows 7 proffesion version and now this. I want half my money back since i barely had it for a year. This is ridiculous, one os after another within a year or two. I'm not spending another 200 to 300 hundred dollar just for another load of garbage that'll just get replace by another withing 2 to 3 years down the line.

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    A PC locked to run Windows is a PC that my faculty will never purchase. Some (most) of our scientists need to run Linux. We prefer to standardise hardware platforms (rapid response swap in/out, image deployment etc.), so any machine that locks out Linux by design is a machine that won't get purchased for any purpose at all.

    Personally I'd go further and add all other hardware manufactured by an offending manufacturer to the blacklist.

    If you want lock-in, buy a Mac. Microsoft, if you do this, stop calling the platform a PC. It can't do a large class of things that a curent PC can, so it's a LoseBox or a PC-minus or something.

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    There will be an option to switch off UEFI on a hardware level and install Linux or any other OS you need. Windows 8 users will keep UEFI enabled and benefit from it, the rest will switch off UEFI and install their OS of choice.

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    Vinicius Paluch

    Greate security innovations will came with UEFI. Regular users will get more secure.

    I´m sorry Linux guys. Have to certificate your OSs. Surelly hardware vendors will maintain versions with old fashioned BIOS for old fashioned OSs.. try to evolve insetead of complain.


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    Davide Bolcioni

    If there is an option to install keys of the owner's choice, and remove default keys (Microsoft's key will become a prime target for mafias and rogue states), this is a minor but welcome security improvement. If not, it's a reason to spend your money somewhere else.

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    But can't you disable secure boot? which means that linux and such OSs can be used on UEFI systems?

    Thats what i heard from some other lecture in Build (or maybe i misunderstood!)

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    Ferran Jorba


    regular users will get more secure as son as they leave Windows. Now that all my family has moved to Linux (Debian, in our case) we've forgotten about viruses, spyware, and all those threads. We only buy computers that may run Debian. No UEFI at home.

    Now, that's evolution, sir.

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    Good. Garbage operating systems such as Linux should be locked out.

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