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    would like to have seen instructions on creating your own base Image using the Command line command that was referenced earlier during the build conference.

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    In the video/presentation several comments were made about Metro-style apps being reinstalled. What happens to the user's Win32 applications during a refresh? Is there any way to preserve the Win32 applications?

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    Win32 applications are uninstalled and listed in an .htm file on the Desktop (it's the file named "Removed Applications" in the video). System Restore is still there in Windows 8 and seems like the first thing I'd suggest before Refresh or Reset because System Restore preserves your classic applications, of course. It'd be nice if MS included it in the Metro Control Panel alongside Refresh and Reset, but it's listed separately in the Desktop Control Panel.

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    @BrandonLive: ++

    I too would very much like to find out how to create a new baseline image. I have binged and binged and binged - no one seems to have the answers yet!

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