Windows 8 kernel debugging: New protocols and certification requirements

Play Windows 8 kernel debugging: New protocols and certification requirements

The Discussion

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    nice video and nice option to use KD over USB3 and Ethernet Smiley

    But next time use a native English speaking person. The accent made it so hard to understand.

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    Daniel Kraig

    Great session and great info actually, thank you!


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    WOW! Kernel debugging over the network?!

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    Network kernel debugging is just a GREAT feature!

    I've got a new laptop with visible USB 3 ports. How do I know if USB3 kernel debugging is supported? Run USBView?

    As I know Windows 8 has a support for USB3:

    Best regards,

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    Can I get the new Windows 8 kernel debug support from I'm goint to run in on my ARM machine.

    This is really cool!

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    Don Murphy

    Kernel debugging from Visual Studio? Oh, give me a break!

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    Jivko Dobrev

    @MagicAndre1981: I find your accent comment rude, unethical and uncalled for - both speakers have clear diction, good pronunciation and are very easy to understand. IMHO it's much better to have a speaker who knows what he/she is talking about than a speaker with perfect pronunciation.

    I like the new features very much, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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    This is a technical presentation not a talk show. Vocal presentation is perfectly clear.

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    The Debugging tools forum is a good place to discuss this further

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    Matt Rolak

    Hi folks.. please note the following change:

    do NOT use Bcdedit -set dbgtransport kdusb3.dll
    now that Win8 has shipped that line is not necessary anymore and can cause problems preventing the system from rebooting.

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