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    The Discussion

    • Duncanma

      @Girish:Actually it isn't ... we are still several hours away from 24 hours.. and it will be up very soon.

    • swythan

      Is anyone else getting a '403 Forbidden' error from the "High Quality WMV" link?

    • David Sherman

      Please post the corrected files!
      The files are all bad.

    • Duncanma

      Hey folks, I did see the error with the High Quality WMV, so I've updated that to a link on another server and it appears to work fine. Not seeing any other issues at the moment. playback works in HTML 5 and in Smooth Streaming... please let me know if you see any other issues.

    • swythan

      Thanks; that's working. I'll be watching these on my Xbox later.

    • Michael Kennedy

      Looks like the MP4 HQ is busted. Any help?


    • Duncanma

      @Michael Kennedy: very odd... I get the same 403 error on it. I've updated all the links to a new server, problems should be gone.

    • S P

      Will these videos be uploaded on youtube ?

    • Devin

      In my Firefox, the video won't let me get to the full-screen button in the lower right before it fades the whole control bar away. I have to hover over the left side of the video to get the bar to come up, then I move quickly down and right to hit the full-screen button, but it disappears to fast.

    • Jeff Lewis

      Wow - the whole Viper example just seriously unnerved me. If that's what Cloud people think is cool... there are a bunch of totalitarian states who will love them.

      That aside, I wonder how much it will cost to run this thing - clearly it's not running over WiFi... so, is it passing the data over their phone? What happens if someone's in the car who doesn't have a connected phone?

    • MASTER260

      C'mon, keep the Scott Gu sign...

    • Girish

      @Duncanma - Thanks I watched the second keynote also.


    • g33k

      Watching this on IE 10 "Chromeless" version through the tiles - can't figure out how to view in full-screen.  Anybody else in the same boat?


    • Morne Wolfaardt

      No RSS Feed for Video downloads ;(

    • robertd

      I would like to ask, why to this day Microsoft didn't add ability to Internet Explorer, to write web page scripts in Ruby (or IronRuby)
      instead of JavaScript? Maybe in this way we could get rid off this ugly language.

    • robertd

      Could Scott Gu write a blog post about how he adapted tankster website for mobile phones, please?

    • kaifr

      The Viper example scared me too. Who would want something like that? 

    • TheCloudGuy

      I have tried several times last night and this morning to watch this video. It would not finish a download, nor ever play video in the main window. On one attempt, I only got audio for a few moments. I am in Redmond, right across town from the main campus. I would like to know if this video is being hosted on Azure with CDN?

    • ArnoldDiaz

      I want my Silverlight back.

    • ArnoldDiaz



      Switch to silverlight player: Click "Format" at bottom right corner of the video then select "Smooth Streaming".

    • nik4152

      Russian voice is?

    • Frederik Klanberg

      I think that Microsoft had done a good job with windows 8 and the whole coding and what not.

      But there is 2 problems i see, Touch DOESNT work on a desktop computer, its is so not ergonomic.
      And second, this tile stuff in a desktop with a keyboard and mouse doesn't make any sense.

      So these 2 problems aren't problems on tablets and phones and other mobile devices, but the desktop experience with windows 8 as far as the UI won't change, because it just doesn't work on a desktop computer.

    • Nia

      Awesome! Steve Ballmer is good... developers developers developers... inspiring

    • yopuser

      sachdya speaks and sounded like Bill Gates!

    • Abhishek

      confidance missing in steve voice, I think its another big failures comming from Microsoft side.

    • Adday

      Microsoft can not beat iPhone and Android in smart phone segment and Amazon and Google in Cloud computing segment....

    • Adday

      Tablet era is already start and Microsoft Window 8 tablet will come to market in year 2012??? what a big joke from microsoft side.

    • dannygb

      Good God, that Viper product is heinous. Good one microsoft, showing off new services with a product that just can't be liked

    • Gangadhar Kotu

      Full screen option not available.. would be great if we can get that...

    • sabari

      I am wanted web wamb server.Any free option you having.

    • Siddharth Moradia

      We Will get RC for Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 ?

    • Mohamed Adaoui

      I watched the video lastnight and of what I saw we are definately moving to a whole new world of computing. Well done microsoft you have opened a new opptrtunity for every one with win 8.
      Keep up the good work

    • boss et

      Good job Microsoft I install windows 8 last night but it still got a few bugs which needs to be fixed but its quit good and some of the apps don't work like the news app. Windows 8 is the future keep up the good work

    • Ernesto Vargas

      No Comments yet

    • Jim Wooley

      Any way to split this into two parts. I would like to point people to the part starting when Balmer comes on stage for an executive summary. As it is, the video is too large to stream and jump to that point.

    • Geoffreyk

      Any way to split this into two parts. I would like to point people to the part starting when Balmer comes on stage for an executive summary. As it is, the video is too large to stream and jump to that point.


    • Eli

      doesn't work, stream or download in IE9! Firefox is OK!

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