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Your customers will expect your app to deliver a continuous experience even as they switch between apps and move between their devices. Come learn how to ensure your customers never lose their place in your app even when it is moved to the background or accessed on a new device. You will also discover how to enable customers to personalize your app with settings and ensure those settings flow automatically to all of their devices. We will show you how you can enable this continuous, cloud-powered experience with only a few lines of code.







The Discussion

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    Great talk! I love the continuous client vision and I'm sure a lot of Windows 8 users will love it too!

    A few remarks though:

    # First, these API's are WinRT based right? Since they live in the Windows Namespace. Will I be able to use them from regular desktop application? I might want to add roaming settings to my old WinForms or WPF application!

    # Second, please stress to dev that they need to provide a way to pick the settings users want to see roamed within a single app. I might like my reading pane on the right on my desktop and on the bottom on my tablet!

    # Lastly, why not rome the sessionState? The place I'm in for the video seems like a session state to me, so that needs to be roamed for you demo right?

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