John Sheehan: Create experiences that span devices

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The Discussion

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    Great talk! I love the continuous client vision and I'm sure a lot of Windows 8 users will love it too!

    A few remarks though:

    # First, these API's are WinRT based right? Since they live in the Windows Namespace. Will I be able to use them from regular desktop application? I might want to add roaming settings to my old WinForms or WPF application!

    # Second, please stress to dev that they need to provide a way to pick the settings users want to see roamed within a single app. I might like my reading pane on the right on my desktop and on the bottom on my tablet!

    # Lastly, why not rome the sessionState? The place I'm in for the video seems like a session state to me, so that needs to be roamed for you demo right?

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