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    Can we use XNA to build (metro) games on Win8??

    I use XNA to build games for WP7 and Win7 and i could extend that to XBox. What about Win8 (Metro apps)?

    Any plans there that you can share?


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    Chas did a great job in this session covering the APIs that are available that will help to develop DirextX based Metro Style Games.  He covers APIs such as DirectWrite, Direct2D/3D, XAudio2, Media Foundation and best practices for specific phases of the appication life-cycle.  Not a lot of code samples but I still found this to be a good presentation that helped me to become familiar with the fundamentals of this new release.  There is a Game Dev Cheat Sheet at the end of the presentation that contains a listing of //build/ sessions for game dev if you are interested as well.  Thanks Chas for this presentation!

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