Being pragmatic by leveraging existing code in Metro style apps

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    Cool, am planning on bringing across some of my phone sequencing software* - will check out your sample!

    Excellent presentation Dude!

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    Just watched your talk at Build.

    Are there any online resources available on referencing legacy dotNET dlls in a Metro style app?

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    Jason, please explain how it is useful to be able to wrap legacy code if you have to port it to WinRT anyway to list your app in the App Store? Since the App Store is the SINGLE point of distrbution why did you even give this talk?

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    Thanks Ian Smiley. It was great to come out and share what we've been working on Smiley.

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    Piet, IIRC, referencing legacy dotNET dlls is not currently supported in Metro style apps. You can find more information in Krzysztof's talk:


    Scarless. The amount of porting required will depend heavily on the codebase you are discussing. Some code will just come forward with little to no changes (like JavaScript). I'm assuming you are specifically talking about .NET code though. Even with porting, it's still a lot of code you can leverage in your app rather than starting from scratch. For instance, just making the .NET code into a Metro style library rather than a full-blown class library. This is a similar situation that happens today with Silverlight and the profile of the .NET Framework you have to adhere to when developing Silverlight applications.

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    Interesting looking drum machine.
    I hope there's a way of sending MIDI data from a Metro app. It would be nice to make something that's like Usine Pro but that doesn't actually create any audio.
    I'm just thinking about the interface building part so you can create your own MIDI/OSC controller interfaces and send that data over virtual midi cables like Midi-Yoke.

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