Designing systems for continuous availability - multi-node with block storage

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This session discusses integrating with and designing continuously available Windows Server failover cluster solutions. It covers improvements in cluster shared volumes, including the new architecture and model for backup requestors, as well as other new features and their integration points. This session also covers the breadth of storage options that will be available in Windows Server 8 for building continuously available solutions. Lastly, this session will describe how to use the new patch orchestration feature to enable simplified management of clustered solutions.









The Discussion

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    I was wondering why exactly I need CSV for failover-clustering. Would be happy if it was possible (with SCVMM for example) to have a cheap-man's-failover without shared storage:
    - (Continually doing) asynchronous Hyper-V replication between servers
    - Live migration (planned failovers)
    - Failover to the replication target (unplanned failovers)
    - Orchestrated by the SCVMM server

    That'd be good enough for most shops and be way cheaper and easier to manage than a cluster with proper, reliable shared storage. An alternative would be a useable, integrated software-based storage replication solution.

    Will that ever come?

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