CANCELLED: Building IIS and ASP.NET apps with the power of async

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The Discussion

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    why cancelled ? this is a so good topic~~

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    Hey guys, maybe Channel 9 crew could invite Phil and Damian and have them present a short version of this talk for all the Channel 9 viewers to see? Smiley

    This is such a great topic and I believe many ASP.NET developers would love to hear more about it.

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    It is really sad, this was of the few topics i was VERY interested in watching.

    Way too many Metro presentations, this is such a shame.

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    The session speaker had to cancel the talk and returned to Redmond due to a family medical emergency.  We're exploring another approach, likely through Channel 9, to deliver this talk in the near future.

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    Omi Azad


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    This is the most important topic to me besides websockets and signalR

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    I hope Channel 9 resusitates this session because clients with existing ASP.NET websites (including locations where I've worked) need to be reassured that future versions of ASP.NET will fully support the latest async technology of the .NET framework.  I can't simply say that if Microsoft doesn't say it, can I?

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