Manual testing of Windows Metro style apps built using HTML

Play Manual testing of Windows Metro style apps built using HTML
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How do you find bugs before you distribute your app to customers? If you’ve found one, how do you ensure that you’ve fixed it? Even if you write up test guides, how do you ensure that they have all been used and that every step was conducted? Are you one of the many developers that spend a lot of time writing Word documents and meeting with testers to try and get them to test consistently? With Visual Studio Test Professional, we gave you the tools to conduct manual testing and to make it easy to verify that you’ve fixed the bugs. If on the other hand, you are part of an Agile team which practices exploratory testing (XT), you have the tools to create a rich, actionable bug from an XT session. You can also create a test case to ensure that parts of your XT session can be executed as a formal test case. In Visual Studio 11, we’re bringing all of this technology to Windows Metro style apps using HTML. In this session, we’ll show how you can use Visual Studio 11 to do manual or exploratory testing and file rich, actionable bugs. We will also discuss guidelines for building testable Windows 8 apps.









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