ASP.NET 4.5 loves HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

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Whether you’re building a new Website using ASP.NET or maintaining an existing one, you’ll leave this talk ready use HTML5 & CSS3 on ASP.NET with Visual Studio. We’ll look at what HTML5 & CSS3 have to offer modern app developers and how you can use them with ASP.NET for rich Web apps both today and tomorrow.
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    The Discussion

    • Laury Karin

      Hi, where can we get all the templates used in all the demos seen here such as this one. In fact, if i want to see the new stuff like ASP.NET 4.5, there is no Template to create that kind of project in VS 2011 Express Dev Preview.

    • mosborn

      The visual Studio installed on the Preview PC does not contain VWD you need to download and install Visual Web Developer express or Visual Studio Ultimate from MSDN to get the ASP.NET templates.

    • Darick

      Is it possible to exclude a file from the bundled javascript or css includes? Say you have a print.css that needs the media="print" attribute and need it excluded from the main group of css files.

    • mosborn

      @Darick:For this you would need to create your own bundle. It's an interesting idea but since /css and /js work on any folder how/where would we know to exclude them from the bundle? I think the best bet would to be to recommend your own CSS bundle. One for screen and one for print. The other option would be to use the @Media inside of the style sheet to say that is for print but that only works on newer browsers.

    • scott

      this was a great video , my only question is what is the proposal to support browsers like IE 7 AND 8 that do not support HTML 5 . what is Microsoft's proposal .

    • mosborn

      @reply to comment: Use Modernizr to help fix up and detect browser support. If the browser doesn't support it then use an alternative. aka for video player if there is no support for video use a silverlight player in its place.

    • Bryan Allen

      Great presentation, lots of useful info. You mentioned that the Microsoft.Web.Optimization assembly was available via Nuget and I added it to a project that's using MVC3 and ASP.NET4. The bundling and minification seems to work fine. However, if I have a partial or any view for that matter that has a script block, the javascript or jquery in those code blocks does not get executed. In my case, my jquery-hover-dropdown menus, and watermarks for some text inputs do not work. I tried extracting these script blocks from the view and put them in their own script file in the scripts folder and added it to my bundle appropriately but didn't have any luck with this either. Any suggestions?

    • Bryan Allen

      I solved my problem. Misplaced quotations marks...the bane of my existence.

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