Building data-driven HTML5 apps with WCF RIA Services

Play Building data-driven HTML5 apps with WCF RIA Services
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Data-centric apps with rich user experience often require significant plumbing across multiple tiers. We simplify n-tier apps by bridging Web client technologies with services – using WCF RIA Services, rich JavaScript client cache, OData, jQuery and effective data binding to UI elements. We will cover common app patterns supported by frameworks and tools for writing business logic, retrieving data with flexible local and remote query capabilities, effective caching and change tracking, integrated validation and built-in authentication and authorization. We will show how to build apps with browser and mobile clients and host them on premise or in the cloud.









The Discussion

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    Devenyi Karoly

    Does the HTML5 with RIA Services supports CRUD(Create, Update, Delete) opperations in Offline mode?

    How works the synchronization? What happens if somebody deleted the record and you want to sync it with an update?

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    I am not able to build the codes successfully. I am not java script guys too.

    Is the works on pub sub mechanism. Will HTML client get notification if it subscribes to WCF service which is getting data from Cloud Service bus???

    Need help and suggestions on this please.

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