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Microsoft Visual Studio 11 enable developers to take full advantage of the capability of Windows using the skills and technologies developers already know and love to deliver exceptional and compelling apps. Whether working individually or in a small, medium or large development team the Visual Studio 11 sets a new standard for development tools, helping teams deliver superior results for their customers that help set them apart from their competitors. In this session we’ll walk through the new features in the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview to give you an understanding of the breadth of tooling available in this release.







The Discussion

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    Hi Jason,

    So Visual Studio has its hands full enabling development for the Windows Platform - and does a great job at that.  As an independent developer I would love to be able to target other platforms (EG to deliver Shooting Range on Android) from a familiar development environment.

    My question: Are there any plans to enable VS to target other platforms such as Android in the same rich way that it targets Microsoft platforms?

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    Ali Malekpour

    It will be great to see support for Android and even iOS in Visual Studio. Visual Studio is enough extensible to support that and I think you should ask this question from Google or Android community.

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    Ali, if there will be Android compiler for Visual Studio, it won't be created by Microsoft. Pure common sense. There is no commercial reason for Microsoft to embed Android development into Visual Studio, as that is direct competitor of Windows Phone. But anyone is welcome to create a compiler if needed, which could be attached to Visual Studio.

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    Joao Ribeiro

    Do you know MonoDroid? Is it that are you talking about? If yes, you're right, it's commercial and is not provided by Microsoft.

    Best regards!

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    How does Visual Studio 11 enhance Unit Test?

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    With apologies if this has been answered elsewhere :

    1. Can I run VS2011 & VS2010 side by side on the Win 8 Preview?

    2. Can I build WP7 apps on VS2011 on the Win8 Preview?


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    Paul Tallett

    #1 Yes
    #2 No

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    Are the sources of the Tankster demo available for download somewhere?

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    More code and demos less baloney.

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    I fell asleep while watching this on my iPad.

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    Niclas Lindgren

    Please stop default to HTML5 video, the quality sucks compared to silverlight and full screen is not an option...

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    Eric Malamisura

    -2 Stars for using Visual Basic in a demo, or actually ever! I hope that language dies in a dark black hole...

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    How has the performance improved when compared to Visual Studio 2010? Any sign of Visual Studio x64?

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    Another uninspired BUILD 2011 presentation. You guys should have Scott Hanselman do every single one of these, so we don't fall asleep trying to absorb all the Micro-Speak gibberish.

    The video just stalled on me about half way through and I couldn't get it to continue. Ugh.

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    There are a ton of new features in this release.  I thought Jason hit upon most of them and did so quickly and explained them well.  Certainly well enough for me to dive in to them later which I think is the point of this presentation.  It's a good presentation if you have absolutely no idea of what is coming in the next release and you want to learn about the new features at a very high level.  Some of the features I knew nothing about - did not even know they existed.  Now I do know they exist and at least know what to start researching.  If you are expecting a deep dive, this is not the presentation for you. 

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    Bart Czernicki

    Was that Mike Arrington doing the presentation? :)

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    It's a good presentation

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    , NareshKGuree wrote

    It's a good presentation

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    Is Visual Studio 11 going to be the final product release name or is the year designation still in the works (for example Visual Studio 2012)?

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    Are there any improvements on Testing front, Automation front in VSTS 2011?

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