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Rarely do you find a developer tool that the fashion-conscious would envy: a tool that functions and inspires. It is capability bundled with simplicity, a web tooling environment that gets you started with OSS applications or gorgeous templates. WebMatrix combines five products in one, letting you install, develop, optimize, deploy and manage your sites and databases. With support for the latest web standards like HTML5 & CSS3, multiple frameworks like ASP.NET & PHP, and multiple database engines like MySQL & SQL Server , you can’t go wrong. Oh, and did we mention it’s FREE? Join us as we unveil the BETA release of WebMatrix 2.







The Discussion

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    This guy has very unclear pronounciation, I can hardly understand him.

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    Jan Polzer

    I don't agree. For me (Czech) he was one of the best understandable speakers.

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    Ben Foster

    Great session and great presenter. The WebMatrix end-to-end development experience continues to go from strength to strength.

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    Hi robertd, I am sorry you are having trouble with my accent, honestly I have not heard the accent feedback before but I am really happy to rectify anything that you think might help. Could you please send me an email at vishal.joshi@Microsoft.com on the portions which you found unclear. Also I am open to a phone chat at 425-705-2031 if you like. Hi Jan/Ben, Thanks for the kind words, we also received several emails and feedback from attendees that they love the talk and WebMatrix 2. We are all very excited. Btw, all viewers should visit http://WebMatrix.com/next, there are free web hosting offers for you there. And in case of any detailed questions everyone is invited to drop me an email or give me a call. Thanks, Vishal
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    I'm swedish and was playing back the talk at 1.4x speed and still had no problems understanding. Good session.

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    I agree great session and presenter. WebMatrix is indeed looks like a great product. Will surely give it a try.

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    Great job showing off all of our stuff, Vishal!  Smiley

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    Very inspiring. Especially the possibilty to integrate open source content. Thank you.

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    Thanks again Microsoft for everything you've done for us, mostly for free since Dos version 1. Thanks for helping prevent a true tower of Babel in the computing world had you not become the standard. Thanks for your commitment to making the world a better place and not just saying so. Thanks for ploughing so much back and you deserve everything you've been given in return.

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    Dave McKelvie

    Hi Vishal, great vid. Thanks.
    I'm doing a lot of MVC/Razor/EF/SQLServer stuf for a client. Same client looking at Dynamics AX for worldwide deployment. How useful would WebMatrix be interfacing to AX for bespoke web based presentation (tailored accounting, costing, energy usage type tools etc). Any pointers as to where to look?

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    Hi Dave,

        Could you send me an email at Vishal.Joshi@Microsoft.com and we can try to have a further discussion on the exact scenario and where there might be some information around it.

    Thanks, Vishal

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    Lee Timmins

    Great session Vishal. I've only just got around to watching it as i had it at the bottom of the build sessions i wanted to watch. However i found it one of my favourites and i learnt alot. Thanks

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