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    Romulo Oliveira

    Windows IoT: Haverá uma versão futura do Windows 10 IoT que funcionará em modo gráfico no raspberry Pi ou sempre será em modo Shell como é no preview????

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    Not quite sure if this is what you're asking, but the intent with Windows 10 IoT Core for devices like Raspberry Pi is to provide an experience without any shell. Instead, your app owns the entire experience on the device.

    You can remotely administer the device using Powershell or the web pages served from the device.

    If you want a full Windows 10 desktop experience, you need to use a device like the Minnowboard Max (or a larger PC device) and the full Windows 10 IoT for Industry version. That gives you everything you see on the desktop, plus all the lock down capabilities and more. However, that's almost certainly overkill for maker and hobby applications.

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