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In this presentation we will show that big boys can still play with toys. We decided to put Raspberry Pi, Arduino and a few Windows Phone into the blender (the circus beasts ), add some wires and several lines of code, click a button or shake a phone fast(er) and see how much Fun&Games we can squeeze out of it. IoT is the game changer It's so obvious that Internet of Things is a next Big Thing, game changer in IT world, most of us think how it can make our homes more comfortable, our traveling safer, help us taking better care of our health (don't forget saving the environment!) and so on. All that is important, but not forget that we also need to have some time for fun in our lives. In this presentation we will give few demos and show that IoT can turn some serious things into games and less serious into totally funny ones. The completed demo at the end will be a competitive reflex test, how fast a male/female, left handed/right handed, of a certain age group reacts to a LED lighting up, using Raspberry Pi (Windows 10 IoT Core), Arduino Uno's and Windows Phone, and sending all the data to the Azure cloud. So while having fun we will see what Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 and of course Azure can do to help us make great IoT solutions using Raspberry Pi2 and Arduino devices, and in the process to cover all the IoT development technics, for IoT, from Microsoft. And this means a lot of code, a lot of devices, cloudy, chocolates and a lots of fun awaits you at this presentation.


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