await 2.0: Stackless Resumable Functions

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C++17 may bring most efficient, most scalable, most open/customizable coroutines of any programming language in existence. Stackless Resumable Functions are the proposed for standardization lightweight coroutines that scale to 100,000,000 of concurrent coroutines, allow to consume existing any asynchronous OS APIs / libraries with zero-overhead adapters and allow library designers go wild, invent new coroutine types and plug them into Resumable Stackless Functions machinery.

We will look at examples of tasks, goroutines, generators running on top of resumable functions. We will explore implementation details of how they actually work and look at the customization machinery that allows library designers and ordinary users to extend coroutines as needed.
Gor Nishanov is a is a Principal Software Design Engineer on the Microsoft C++ team. He works on the 'await' feature. Prior to joining C++ team, Gor was working on distributed systems in Windows Clustering team.
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