Boost: a Bridge from C++98 to C++11; An introduction to using Boost

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Rachel Cheng & Michael VanLoon "Boost: a Bridge from C++98 to C++11; An introduction to using Boost"
This is a two-part tutorial.

Part one is for those who are stuck with a C++98/03 compiler, but are interested in using more advanced C++11-like strategies. We will discuss some of the differences between C++98 and C++11 while demonstrating how strategic use of Boost libraries can bridge the gap, allowing more modern programming paradigms in many cases.

Part two is a deeper dive into some interesting Boost libraries for those who may be new to Boost usage. We will explore how C++98 and C++11 can be enhanced and extended by the additional richness of Boost libraries.

We will use as example some of the boost libraries used in the F5 Networks code base. If there is time leftover, we will discuss our experience upgrading GCC. This will be co-presented by Michael VanLoon and Rachel Cheng.
Rachel Cheng is a recent graduate from The Evergreen State College and employed at F5 Networks, working in control-plane, monitoring, and RBAC. Outside of development, she mostly spends her time with friends, working on her car, doing random side projects, traveling, eating, and napping.
I have been developing software for roughly 30 years. Yes, I started before I was born. I have been doing C++ for roughly 20 years, not very well at first, and slightly better now.

I work at F5 Networks, and have worked at Disney, VMware, Yahoo!, and Microsoft, among many others. I have benefited from a wide range of experience and personalities.

I have a personal grudge against code that does not strive to reach a high standard. I am dismayed at code that does not reach its potential. And I firmly believe that writing code well creates a better, more stable, more maintainable product.
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