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The Discussion

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    The presenter seems to be a nice person, he is interested in the topic and the topic itself is interesting.

    That being said, this could have been a better presentation. Unfortunately the format chosen was bad and caused problems. New ideas to make the contents more easily understandable and the presentation more productive should be encouraged, however not all new ideas are good and should have been implemented. Here are the issues I saw in this talk:

    1. There is a reason why questions are asked and answered at the end of a presentation or at predefined intervals: to optimize everyone's time. Also by doing that, in some cases an attendee will not even ask a question he had because the answer for it could be in the next slides. Because of his choice, Scott had to rush through some slides and even exceeded the time allotted to him.

    2. The constant chocolate gifting during the talk wasted considerable valuable time. The frequent Q&A during the talk gave some valuable information, even though it was not an efficient way to use the time. The chocolate tossing however didn't add value and even interfered with the talk pace.

    3. Don't add information to slides and tell people to not read or analyze it. That's why the slides are there. As persons of science, we need to evaluate what is presented to us and it is part of the presentation.

    Thanks for the talk anyway and thanks for the comments section.

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