Birth of Study Group 14: Towards Improving C++ for Game and Low Latency

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The Birth of Study Group 14: Toward Improving C++ for Games & Low Latency -- Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: — C++ is paramount for games development, and low-latency real-time applications everywhere. But has it recall improved since C++98/03? What features in C++ 11/14 has helped, and what else do we still need from C++ 17/22? In last year's CPPCon, there was clearly demand for even better support for this community as evidenced by the large number of games submission and an impromptu BoF. But this industry has a demanding schedule and cannot freely attend ISO C++ standard meetings. So when the prophet cannot go to the mountain, the mountain has decided to come to the prophet! This year, we like to announce the formation of an official SG14 that will go where the community is, at CppCon 2015 will be an official SG14 meeting followed by an SG14 meeting at GDC 2015 hosted by Sony. This talk will describe the initial findings of the unofficial real time google group!for... as described in: where we considered improvements such as flat map, intrusive container, and other suggestions for better support for games development and low latency in ISO C++. — Nicolas Guillemot: Graphics Software Engineer, Intel I do C++, game programming, and graphics programming. Currently doing gaming graphics stuff at Intel. Was previously at Electronic Arts, and am studying at the University of Victoria. Sean Middleditch: Lead Server Engineer, Wargaming Seattle, Inc. I make games. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films:









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