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    SORRY Microsoft the more I use WIN10, the more I dislike it.
    1)The UI is CRAP on a NON Touch system of which all ours (115) are N/Touch, we require the option to have the "Classic Menu UI" as it was in WIN7 no Tiles or METRO CRAP.
    2)1-2year old applicaions/devices NOT working.
    3)The Update/Security comming to the systems with no choice a NO go on our systems we decide what to use and accept, NOT Microsoft.
    4)The fact Microsoft NOW has constant feedback from our systems NO way of turning it OFF a FAIL.
    5) Cortana NOT wanted or needed on our systems, we are a business unit where VOICE is NOT wanted or required, NO way of STOPPING the feedback to Microsoft a FAIL.
    6) The way Microsoft constantly interups our WIN7 systems with this WUX virus we have to constantly remove and BLOCK, this is probally the most hated way Microsoft disrupts our workflow on WIN7 systems.

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    i love win 10 i upgraded my phone laptop desktop to win 10 it works great so far.

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    Yasser wafiq

    Iam sure that I want to test and use windows tablet one day, I think I could be great.

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    Win10 is great and getting better. Not wanting or needing a feature of Win10 is no reason to degrade to system. I have a system with non-touch screen and have no problems........

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    I love the UI and also have no problems at all with Metro, apart from one annoying "bug". When I install an application, the program icon isn't installed for applications not made for Win10. I have to put a shortcut for every "old" app on my desktop, -10 in usability. I use a desktop computer with two large LED monitors, I love how the status bar have expanded onto my second monitor.

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    I like Win 10

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    Bob Barbara

    Lots of bugs with Win 10. One of the biggest problems is with WiFi
    connections constantly failing. When is Microsoft going to get this fixed! I have tried every suggestion and have had no success in preventing the WiFi from disconnecting.

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    Van W Cottom

    I've made the installation of Win 10 for myself and others. It's different, and without mobile devices it is more a kluge than viable Operating System.
    I know that might sound negative but I was the same way when I was "forced" to change from DOS 6 to Windows 3.1. I got over it, and you can too!

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    Charles Angelier

    When is the win 10 upgrade coming to tablets?

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    Carlo the wolfe

    I work for a major hardware vendor in technical support. Windows 10 is awesome!!! More support tools than ever before. Microsoft has really listened to its customer that's why there are so many areas for feedback... The upgrade process is easy for MOST people with half a brain... People must adapt to changes that's the world in which we live in and yes it's NOT Windows 7!!!!

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    I guess people should grow up. You are used to the boring Windows 7 start menu and are not ready for a change.
    Once you use the features and capabilities of a Windows 10 start screen, I bet you will love it. No need for additional hops to reach most frequently used applications.
    Windows 10 start menu is quite amazing on Non Touch screen and the tablet mode has been enhanced so much that it does make a user feel using a tab compared to the 8.1 version which had made life confusing for non-technical users.
    Of course, I agree on the point of enabling the enterprise to decide on what features to enable or disable rather than Microsoft deciding it.
    Final word on Windows 10, it indeed is an amazing change. Kudos to Microsoft team.

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    I think win10 is a good improvement from 8 and 8.1.
    We changed all computers over to 10.
    Everybody minus 1 likes it.
    It speeded up a windows 7 slow graphic pc, startup and shut down was 60% faster.

    Network is easier but the tiles I could do without.

    As Nagendra says, people who doesn't like change is typical for windows people thats why we use both windows and Mac in our environment. Mac users are more open for changes.

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    We support small enterprises and home users and Microsoft's lack of adequate transparency of privacy issues and changes to Windows Update which forces incorrect drivers or degraded driver features is a show stopper.

    Universal Apps like mail, calendar are seen as a work in progress and far from being serious tools for production users with many important functions missing (i.e. Calendar does not permit appointments and events to be scheduled in another time zone)

    Microsoft's data collection policy which was introduced in the EULA of Windows 10 and secretly introduced to Windows 7 and 8 are a high risk to businesses (customers) own privacy policy.

    If Microsoft does not resolve these issues completely then they will be seen as an untrusted corporation and clients will not support the move to Windows 10, we already know of several SME's evaluating how they can move to alternative operating systems.

    As an ISV, it is difficult to support the Microsoft platform while these issues are being avoided by Microsoft and Microsoft's public statements about privacy and Windows update have not been received well by customers that are concerned about these critical success factors.

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    francois claes

    ik vind windows 10 fantastis hoor dank u wel he,trouwens een goede morgend allemaal

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    I upgraded my Win 8.1 to Win 10. So far I'm like it, not love it, but like it. Now, one day in the future if I'd like to or I would have to re-install my OS which OS it would be? Win 8.1 or Win 10?

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    Unfortunately Windows 10 does not support IRDa devices, so it's a big NO from me

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    You guys so need TADAG - Trusted Authenticated Domains and Gateways. The perfect solution for Azure: www.tadag.com

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    James Harris

    I felt the need to reply to Carl about his gripes, i'm not going to rise to the unnecessary use of capitals, however I will address the points made.

    1. this is a matter of opinion but you can make the start menu in Windows 10 pretty similar to 7, you don't have to use live tiles or have it fill much of the screen.
    2. I cant really comment on but I've tested everything we use here without issues
    3. This isn't true, I suggest you look at WSUS and service branches for Windows 10.
    4. I put my hands up and say I don't know enough about this, however I wouldn't be surprised if the same was true of 7.
    5. You can completely disable cortana very easily using the settings.
    6. I don't know what this virus is that you're talking about but I've been running a pilot with a few machines all running enterprise grade AV (sophos) and haven't had any virus issues at all. If this was a Windows issue i'm pretty sure it would be all over the internet.

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    Gunter Raffel

    Windows 10 Pro is a great improvement on earlier OSs.
    Regarding Carl's comment above - the best solution to overcome the source of his problems I would suggest is to get a new IT person who knows what he is doing.

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    @James Harris,
    Nice try, but some people cannot be pleased or appeased.

    item 6 on the list is the notification and scheduler for the upgrade Windows 7/8 to Windows 10. It's not a virus, the guy was just being snarky.

    Having said that, I can't imagine why some people feel the need to disable Cortana, or in general, to treat the PC as a different and more controlled environment than the smartphone. Would they go out of their way to lock down a smartphone for their day to day use? I'd like to see how that works out.

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    Here's my 5c worth for Carl and James:
    1) Agree with James
    2) I have encountered a few issues with older software/applications, but by older I mean more than 10 years old (notably Outlook 2003). I have more often encountered issues with devices, but so far have found that all devices that function on Win7 also function on Win10, although some with reduced functionality. This is a dual edged sword. Yes, it would be nice to have an OS that supports just about everything out of the box. However, ideally one also wants it to be responsive - not slow and bloated. I think software publishers and hardware manufacturers need to take some responsibility here to ensure that their product works with Win10. Their reluctance to do this is largely financially based, but that is a topic for another discussion.
    3) We are discussing Win10 for the enterprise, so I agree with James.
    4) I understand that there are third party utilities that allow you to turn most if not all of the reporting off. However, this comes at a cost of reduced functionality. This is a tricky issue, as it boils down to trust. Microsoft has a lot more to lose by abusing this trust than some unknown start-up writing Android apps, yet many of the consumers who are complaining about MS invading their privacy are quite happy grant similar access to these apps without saying a word.
    5) Carl, perhaps you don't understand the purpose of Cortana. It is designed to be a virtual assistant, much like a business executive that has a personal assistant. The intention is to enhance your productivity. Why would this not be wanted or needed in a business unit?
    6) Carl is referring to the Win10 upgrade that is delivered via Windows Update. This, however, should not be an issue if your business unit has someone competent managing your network, especially if one has 115 workstations on that network.

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    When you click on app's it takes you BING,To many problems to mention,Takes to long to load at start up.

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    Turning off the "Get Windows 10" nag is easy and could implemented using WSUS as suggested or manually. I have blogged about this at the T3X website.


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    Don....you can change it from bing to another search engine, and my system boots in 7 sec's or less. so either you have system issues or you just wanted to post something negative because you don't like change.

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    We found that a license to Classic Shell by Beltchev took us back to a very business-friendly UI where we never see tiles unless we have some weird need. We're on Win 8.1 and very happy. If/when we upgrade to Win 10, Classic Shell will be there in the distro.

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    David Nesbitt

    Having recently returned from El Salvador, my response to NP Lima is; when you are in a country that doesn't support an app, disabling it is the only way to remove it from an OS; pc or cell. They can be quite annoying when they don't work.

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    Nigel Wilcox

    The browsers are too busy with advertising, videos or advert taking up large areas of screen space that flips in during timely work sessions, they can be a distraction to personal work and thought processes. Explorer layout is better than Edge browser without the advertising and marquee.

    As soon as one gets use to one O/S system another one comes out with more bugs than an insect farm. Why not design something that lasts with an update module yearly? This is more acceptable than having to disrupt the flow with having to reinstall new operating systems...or receiving updates daily that have not been tested or virus checked.

    Microsoft reputation is going down and fan base has become disillusioned and are looking for an alternative on a commercial and home level.

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    I've downloaded Windows 10 on all my laptop's (3) and desktop. None are touchscreen but all of my laptop's have had no issues with WiFi at all. I'll probably never buy s touchscreen laptop. It's seems to be something else to fix if something goes wrong. I'll stick with tablets that are touchscreen. I can download office on all of them without any issues. Microsoft has never ask for downloads that I don't need. Cudos to Windows 10.

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    James H

    I think that most people that use Windows 10 are doing so against the usage policy. You see, in section 14 of the MICROSOFT SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS / WINDOWS OPERATION SYSTEM it clearly states that "You agree that you will read the terms before using the software or services, including any linked terms. You understand that by using the software and services, you ratify this agreement and the linked terms."
    That is a direct quote.
    There are over 1000 pages of linked terms in this document. The terms include a link to the Adobe Flash usage policy which in itself is over 700 pages long.
    So I am thinking that most of the people that are happy about Windows 10 are just our there surfing the web and spouting garbage on Facebook and not caring what is actually happening on their computer. :( A very sad world they are creating for us.

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    I've got Windows 10 running on several test machines both virtual and physical.  It is a horrid OS.   The 'Start Menu' is extremely clunky.  Nothing like the 'Start Menu' in Win7.  

    Using Windows 8/8.1 made me realize how awful the 'Start Menu' technology really was.  I'm amazed that we put up with it for such a long time. 

    If Microsoft can create a server OS (Server 2012) that allows the installation of an OS with or without a UI then they can create an OS that gives us a choice of Win8 or Win10 UI.  Until they give us the option I'll not be upgrading to 10.  And will be recommending my clients and employer remain with 8/8.1

    I have been a computer tech for 30 years and barring Millenium windows 10 is the worst Microsoft has ever produced.    I work for a small community college with 1500 computer college wide.  As well I have my own consulting business.


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    I wonder if all the persons complaining about the new operating system are still driving a Model T.
    Things change and so do operating systems. I have worked on IBM Mainframes and had to update large computers to new operating systems periodically.
    As far as Windows 10 is concerned, the latest versions are stable and the performance is much better and faster. Edge is a vast improvement over Internet Explorer and the Reading Option, save as PDF, and invoking Cortana to get the definition of a word that is not frequently used is fantastic especially when doing research on medical or pharmaceutical articles.
    I hardly ever use the Start button. Just enter the name of the application in the search box (even when Cortana is disabled) is amazing. In the last 3 months Windows 10 has been stable, not a single Blue Screen, and except for a few bugs in some apps, performance is excellent. I am running 10 on two laptops and will upgrade my desktop as soon as the Fall Update is available.
    By the way, I always do a clean install and move the legacy programs I need at time permits. Clean installs prevent a lot of problems.

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    jairo infante

    por favor que sea en español.mil gracias

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    james h

    Windows 10 es una mierda

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    Wow...how much did MS pay AC/DC to use "Thunderstruck"?


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    Look Out, Big brother is watching!

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    I have no big issue with windows 10 and I am not driving a Model T. What I have a problem with is what Microsoft is doing with the update system and feed back. This is no feedback this is spying and I cant explain a larger nor a smaller company why they have to give Microsoft this much Information's. It is clear that every developer wants a feedback on his work but this goes too far. I cant support that and will tell my clients to look for alternatives.

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    I agree with the criticism.
    I work for an organisation with over 30000 devices, and this is just not a viable upgrade.
    I have tested this on multiple workstations and there is no speed increase or efficiency increase over windows 7 for the machines we utilize.

    The lack of options to revert to a classic style is a huge downside, and as mentioned the constant feedback to Microsoft, the only way to stop this is very frustrating.

    For the average user its fine, but for IT Professionals it just does not cut it, a real shame considering Windows 7 is 6 years old, and still the best.

    Maybe after SP1 if they fix some of the big issues and make it completely manageable in all aspects it will be considered, but for now i consider it in Alpha, not production.

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    @WhichDoc59, you know you can enable the full screen start menu that is almost identical to the Windows 8/8.1 start screen?

    I do agree that they are miss marketing the start menu by saying the Windows 7 menu is back, but I hardly feel that this is a big enough deal to say that this is a 'horrid' OS.

    From working with 8/8.1 in a business of close to 200 devices, the only thing I feel that would be extremely nice for the new start menu would be a way to centrally organize the start menu layout. I know from 8.1 that you can export the layout and push it via GPO, but I don't like that the users cannot customize it after it is in place. In my opinion it needs the ability to version changes, and update groups of items when a change is made.

    In whole, live tiles are a great step forward from the traditional start menu, and the flexibility with the new start menu is useful for both touch and non-touch devices.

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    @Carl:no problem. most people like windows 10 pretty much, that is enough for the change.

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    @Witchdoc59:'Start Screen' is 'Start Menu', just bigger.

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    Microsoft listen to the people and tries to do what they says all the time, but the more they try to pls is the more some hates what they do. windows 10 is great! the problem is, some people just cant accept new technology. why should Microsoft stay behind when everyone is trying to improve on what they do, and move along with time? Microsoft is on the right track, therefore they just need to keep doing what they are doing and listen to those that love windows 10. when they came out with windows 8, people complained so much about the taskbar; now windows 10 is build on windows 7 base with much greater improvement, and some people are still finding faults, instead of working with Ms. some of us r too confusing, so MS need to pay attention those who cared for their product

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    It's not a matter of "some people just cant accept new technology". There's good change (like a large deposit into your bank account) and bad change (like an empty bank account).

    Microsoft's "change" is bad.

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    I'm loving Win 10, works perfect

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    I have been using windows since Windows 386. Windows 10 is the best yet. Yes, it has a few problems but none as bad as El Capitan. It is polished and fun to use.

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    Just use Startisback++ will turn Windows 10 startmenu back to windows 7 like.

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    I have used many versions of windows. Win 10 looks very promising but since I upgraded to this new version I believe Microsoft can do better by fixing the bug issue of Wi-Fi connection that drops intermittently.
    I also agree that without the touch options you feel at a disadvantage when using Win10

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    The main problem of Microsoft is, that they believe, they can tell all users how to work and what to like.

    It was possible for 20 years now, to customize my system AS I WANT, but now Microsoft decides, how my desktop has to look like. There are less options for customizing than in Win95.

    Opening the Explorer window, closing and opening again moves the window on my screen. Why?

    I bet, that there is still no app or programm which is more often installed on Windows 10, than the 'Classic Shell'. When will Microsoft learn, that there are people, which don't like this continually changing UI. Nobody needs this and it is NO innovation.

    I know, there are users who like this. Ok, let they enable it, if they want. But keep the old UI for all the others. A new UI is NO innovation! It only keeps the users searching...

    Svend, you said 'Mac users are more open for changes.' May this be the cause for nearly not changed UI on Macs the last 15 years?

    Microsoft did a lot, but they didn't listen to the most users. They prefer to have an UI, they already know!!!

    And Microsoft should understand, that it is NO GOOD IDEA to try to have the same system on a desktop and a mobile device - have a look at Apple. Anybody here who want deny, that Apple is more successful with their strategy? :) :) :)

    But the most important thing is the security of MY DATA!!! Microsoft must change the data collection policy - otherwise a lot of users will change to other systems... A few of my customers already started evaluating other systems - because they don't want to pay for a system, the users don't like and additionally data will be leaked by.

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    steven wabik

    i have been using Microsoft Windows for many years now and at this point i only have a few problems with Windows 10.

    one problem is that Windows 10 will not work with applications that were designed for Windows XP. One of those applications being Microsoft office 2003.

    i also dislike that you guys at Microsoft took away the classic start menu that was used in Windows XP as well as Windows 7.

    i also hate that you do not have an option for which updates you want to install from Windows update.

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    My issue with Windows 10 Enterprise is the amount of "uplink" traffic for Microsoft apps and problem it is to "turn-off" this unnecessary feed back to Microsoft to "monetize" on the Enterprise version. Most clients are NOT happy with this behavior. The Enterprise version is supposed to be most "secure and private" version but with this uplink traffic clients are concerned with their PRIVACY. Not so much with the "release of plain text - like in emails or WORD documents" but the monetization of their "cyber foot print" from tracking the word usage and in what context. Thus if a startup is using WORD to spec their "killer app" they are concern that their cyber foot print may be sold to a competitor (intellectual property}. Yes, this is possible and an undesirable outcome of "third parties" (Microsoft) keeping track of their cyber foot print. The pregnant teenager was NOT out-ed by release of plain text but by the results of her cyber foot print leading to ads for pregnant clients!

    So for now they are NOT upgrading and attempting to limit this uplink traffic that sometimes consumes more than 1gig of uplink bandwidth.

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    Bruno Brunache

    You feel more secure when you are using Windows10

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