Herb Sutter Live: VC++ C++11 Conformance, isocpp.org, Standard C++ Foundation

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Herb Sutter, lead language architect of Visual C++ and chair of the ISO C++ committee, discusses recent progress and near-future directions for C++, both at Microsoft and across the industry, and talks about some announcements related to C++11 support in VC++ 2012 and the formation of the Standard C++ Foundation. Herb takes questions from a live virtual audience and demos the new http://isocpp.org site on an 82 inch Perceptive Pixel display attached to a Windows 8 machine.





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The Discussion

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    Cool stuff. Thrilled to hear about the C++ pipeline over the coming months and years. These are the best of times to be a native developer for sure! Wish we could get Herb to speak at a venue in the UK though... Smiley 

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    I've to say that I'm really impressed by Microsoft. When they said that C++ was coming back, they were not jocking.
    Just keep up the good work guys, truly appreciated.

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    Simon Dan

    One word i have remembered to say to him is 'Thanks'.

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    Awesome. Looking forward to seeing what happens with C++. Great there are a lot of teams working on libraries and the like. As a paid C# developer, and an amateur ( Love messing with at home) C++ developer [Non Paid Smiley ]. I really missing the really large framework that .NET provides. Love to see C++ catch up in this area.

    I do think the language should be revised separately to the libraries to allow for libraries to make it in the standard quicker and accelerate the use of C++ due to a larger library base.

    Been on the isocpp.org site. Quite cool we have this now. Needs much more content though on the advanced topics of C++.



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    Charles Torre Love to see a massive presentation on C++ Meta-programming. Do you think you can get some people to present maybe on boost::mpl or something? would be well sweet!

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    Rock and Roll

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    @loosechainsaw: Working on that now (TMP on C9).


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    Its time we are moving from managed languages. Great work! Thanks!

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