Maelstrom: Windows 8 Stereoscopic 3D and You, DirectX, modern C++ for C# developers, meet Rick and Brian

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The C9 Coding4Fun team has done it again. At BUILD 2012, this team of unusually creative software and hardware craftsmen released their latest project: the stereoscopic 3D Windows 8 game, Maelstrom. As usual, this project is combination of innovative hardware and software.

Attendees got to compete against each other in 3D in building 33 all week. By all accounts, they really enjoyed the Maelstrom experience.

Rick Barraza and Brian Peek take questions from a live virtual audience (in 2D) and explain what they did to pull off the software side of Maelstrom. They also discuss their experience of coming to modern C++ (or back to in Brian's case) from C#. Lots of great questions from the live audience. Thank you to all who engaged in real time. Smiley





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