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Tom Spilman from Sickhead Games and Dominique Louis from Xamarin join Charles Torre to talk about Monogame. 





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The Discussion

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    If anyone has any questions about MonoGame ( just ask them here!


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    Charles Humphrey

    I have an open source XNA engine, it's more of a render engine rather than a full game engine and have ported it to MonoGame, it was a surprisingly painless process getting the code to build as a MonoGame solution, only issue I am having it porting my shaders, but I am sure it's more my fault that that of MonoGame.

    I have had to disable instancing in my engine, but I am sure that will come in time, looking forward to getting my engine running on a Win8 platform :)

    My MonoGame port is not yet on my SVN, but if you want to check out my open source engine, you can find it here, once I have the engine fully ported, ill include it here too

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    Which version of mono does monogame require?

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    @Rad: If you are targeting a Microsoft platform then MonoGame uses the Microsoft .NET runtime directly.  It is only on non-Microsoft platforms that MonoGame uses the Mono .NET runtime.

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    Where's the best place to go for tutorials and samples with MonoGame?

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    Thiago Abreu

    @Christian documentation can be found at Github:

    There's also a repository of samples that run on Monogame (mostly ported from XNA) here:

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