Channel 9 Live at TechEd Europe 2012

The Channel 9 team was on site at TechEd Europe in Amsterdam broadcasting live to the web on 26/27 June 2012.

Viewers submitted their questions to #ch9live via Twitter for our guests to answer live on air.

Guests included:

Brad Anderson, VP, Server and Tools
Jason Zander,  VP, Visual Studio, .NET Framework
Jeffrey Snover, VP, Windows Server
Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow,  Windows Azure
Steve Teixeira, Partner Director of PM, VC++ Team
Bart De Smet, Developer, Cloud Programmability (Rx, LINQ-to-Everything)
Tim Heuer, PM, Windows XAML
Rick Barraza, Technical Evangelist and UX Architect, Channel 9 Coding4Fun
Kate Gregory, Consultant, VC++ expert, Microsoft RD
Aaron Margosis, Consultant, Expert and Co-Author of Sysinternals Tools
Andy Malone, Security Expert, CEO of Quality Training Ltd
Paula Januszkiewicz, Security Expert and CEO of CQURE
Dustin Campbell, PM, Project Roslyn (C#/VB Compiler as a Service)