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    Again, i'd just to clarify, the reason im on about Bcl is that i think it would greatly speed Rx adoption within the framework itself.. i'd like to see more apis expose iobservables especially in wpf/xaml.. rx support in databinding? yes please Smiley language support? one can dream..

    I think rx is a really fondational technology that almost every app can use. its the same (but opposite) as IEnumerable for crying out loud Smiley

    i ask you this, what could .net be like if only the IEnumerable interface was in the Bcl and all the combinators lived in a separate library?

    I really hope you dont think i'm trying to troll you or be a jerk, i just think rx is awsome and the bar of entry should be as low as it could possibly get

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    @aL3891: Of course we don't think you're trolling, man! The key issue - in my opinion - is that once you embed Rx into the BCL then:

    a) Bart and company will lose agility (and most likely full control over its evolution...)

    b) Rx updates become locked into BCL's updates (so, versioning is slowed down, see a)

    c) Erik will lose even more hair  Smiley


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