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    There was a question about the Mono AOT compiler. "AOT" means Ahead-of-Time.

    The Mono AOT compiler combined with the all-managed Mono implementation of the BCL (which I don't know that it strictly requires) basically does classical linking: it cuts down on the code you have to ship around, it can embed framework code inside your assembly and those things combined with a classical instruction emitter are interesting. In fact, C# support in Unity, MonoTouch and MonoDroid depend on this to generate all the native machine instructions up front so that it may run on the intended platforms.

    I don't expect Microsoft to admit to having something like this in the labs if they do, or to run out and support it, but it'd sure be a nice option and I hope someone's looked at it and gone "huh". Roslyn would make it more plausible for someone in the community to attempt it, even if embedding assemblies P/Invoking code for other architectures still is a hard nut to crack.

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    Compile in the sky. If you already host code in the sky with TFS/Azure, it kind of makes sense, doesn't it?

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    @exoteric: Why yes. Yes it does. More details on this when the team building it joins us for a conversation. Soon...


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