A Quick Lap Around .NET 4.5 with Brandon Bray

Play A Quick Lap Around .NET 4.5 with Brandon Bray

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    Its Great to hear that Microsoft does still have interest and investment in this really excellent Microsoft developed .NET Technology base. Many of us .NET developers have been worried and confused by the dominance of the Windows team, and where .NET fits in with Windows 8. Although it is still not entireley clear what the relationship with Win RT, and .NET actually being in the Windows Metro environment, as it is not obvious what thes 'Projections' are, and how I utilise .NET in Metro development ?

    Now we just need to get Silverlight Back into the IE10 Metro browser, and get XNA back in the Metro Paltform and MarketPlace. All based upon the great .NET technology base. Otherwise all us .NET developers will have to rely upon Mono to champion .NET

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    George Birbilis

    there have been posts about Flash in IE Metro browser, so if they're true, not having Silverlight in there is a shot-in-the-leg for Microsoft

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