JavaScript Panel with Doug Crockford, James Mickens & Luke Hoban

Play JavaScript Panel with Doug Crockford, James Mickens & Luke Hoban

The Discussion

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    something's wrong with this vid charles. it's choppy and I have to keep refreshing the browser because it will just halt randomly.

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    @ACG: Can you try and change your profile setting for video streaming from Smooth Streaming to Progressive? Also, where are you located, geographically? Finally, you should download the media and play it locally if the streaming is so bad (this is most likely due to your local networking conditions, proxy issues with smooth streaming packets, etc). If you run tracert over this may give us a clue as any packet loss.


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    I agree the video randomly stops...I kept asking my self if Micro$ can't get it right!!! why don't they just use you tube like everyone else

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