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    Just to let you know, there IS a solution to destroy IE6 off the face off this planet as long as it has an internet connection and has an update mechanism working.  IE9 MUST be backported to windows XP and forced into using software rendering.... screw the new DirectX API's :/ If IE9 can render in software the IE team need to take the stick out of their asses, stop rushing to IE10 so damn fast, and actually do something even I'd send them a cake for doing.

    The amount of IE6 uses = lower than average IQ Windows XP users. And IE6 will NOT go away until Windows XP has a backdoor out of IE6. Wether by service pack or by a amazing ultra security update patch which makes the Actual interet be used by IE9 whilst the XP OS simply uses the IE6 for the normal integration it always had.

    A fairly big job, but this is one way Microsoft can actually do the internet a favour instead of accidentally causing it harm.

    NOTE: I DO NOT use XP anymore but I do know many people who do..... and the answer is simple, MS must offer an upgrade path on XP from IE6 to IE9+software rendering only.  Weigh the pros+cons of the compromise of having IE9+software rendering VS the hell and pain IE6 is causing while it stays alive.  Microsoft made IE6 and WinXP, you should at least take responsibility for your creation so it doesn't hold the rest of the "modern" web back.

    Feel free to criticize but I swear this is the simple obvious solution I would even donate extra pocket change to Microsoft to do...

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