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Kevin Gallo will be live on Channel 9 with Seth Juarez on July 26th, 2017 at 9:30am PST. Kevin will be providing updates to the state of the Windows SDK inside Windows 10 Falls Creators Update since everyone last chatted with him at Microsoft Build 2017. As always, we'll be answering live questions afterwards.

A few of the topics Kevin and Seth will be discussing are the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK, .NET Standard 2.0, Fluent Design, Microsoft Graph with the Activity API and more.

Over time, we'll hold more frequent community standups to provide additional transparency on what we are building out, and clarity on why we are building them. The community standups will not only be with just Kevin, but the entire Windows development team as well. We'll be testing different streaming technologies and interaction models to see what works best. We would love feedback on this as well.





The Discussion

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    My limited thoughts about the UWP server/IoT (34 minute mark), it should just be .NET Core/Standard using the new hosting stuff David Fowler and Damian Edwards have been discussing coming in future v2.1+ features.

    Don't make it UWP subset.

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    To help UWP become more data centric, the Entity Framework team should be part of .Net Core team, not part of For too long EF has been driven by to the disadvantage of the rest of the .net world.

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    My only issue with the new XAML controls like NavigationView is that you have to target 16xxx minimum or write a separate UI for 15xxx and older devices.

    With the amount of time it takes to roll out updates to consumer PCs (understandably) it excludes use of these controls for quite some time if you want to target the most Windows 10 users.

    XAML controls like this should not ship in the OS itself if possible, something like the UWP Community Toolkit is a much better way of shipping these things IMO.

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    Interesting at 17:25-ish Kevin mentions these Fluent Features/Controls etc. will go to ALL endpoints, not necessarily on the same timeline - Does that mean HoloLens, Hub and Mobile get all the new controls?

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    The Composition & Visual Layer API's get deep really fast when you're looking to do complex animations.  Which is why I was pissed when my question was deleted asking if the Visual Studio designer or Blend designers will support or use these API's to help developers compose these animations, in the same way or better, that it supports XAML storyboards.  

    I guessing this post won't make it either.

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    @Niner963281:The designers will support it in a later release, but not immediately.

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    When will we finally be able to use DirectX as UWP API instead of having to go down into C++/CX with pure COM?

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    @Moondevil:I agree completely. Not having access from UWP to DirectX severely limits our ability to do any serious graphics manipulation or interfaces....Please include Interface to DirectX 12 ASAP. TIA

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    Wilhelm A  Poslusny

    Hi I Like For Windows To Be Windows 12 For Microsoft 12
    Thank You

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    @Matthijs: Thanks for taking up my question.. It's a bit later now.. Any idea how much later? :)

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