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    "UWP is a full desktop experience".  Kevin seems to suggest that UWP is great for LOB, yet he does not see a need for a report viewer.  What LOB app does not provide reports? 

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    @FSL: I don't think it's a good idea to tie your app to a specific report viewer/engine. In my experience, doing that always ends in tears. It's not just about decoupling, it just seems to add overhead and unnecessary lock-in.

    There are a lot of ways (many of them better) to display report-like data without creating a "classic" report. Even if you need reports, using SSRS or another external product is much simpler. You can stream back a PDF, or use a WebView to embed the external report.


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    @kettch might explain how web based reporting works offline.

    MS used to have a place in business app development. Kevin Gallo acknowledged they haven't done a good job for business app developers since Win Forms. Back in those days MS shipped a cut down version of Crystal Reports. It gave basic report features like pagination, headers, footers, grouping. It got you going. Devs could choose it or choose another path. But for Kevin Gallo to say he couldn't see a use case for a report writer in UWP is baffling.

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    UWP becoming great platform for business apps.
     I find report viewer in Syncfusion Free community edition controls for UWP.
    I like this modern fluent design and new futures for my LOB apps.
     Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Kind regards

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