Handling Big Data in Windows Azure Storage

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Windows Azure Storage provide massively scalable storage services with local and geo-redundancy. Organizations can store terabytes of data off-site and in a reliable, highly available and cost efficient manner. For those of you wishing to explore the capabilities of Windows Azure Storage there are bound to be a number of questions that will arise. Can a blob storage container really handle millions of blobs effectively? How efficient is a Table Storage query when the table contain over a billion entities? How can these data volumes be uploaded reliably and effectively? How can the usage and billing of a data intensive solution be monitored? This demo-intensive session will answer these questions and show how big data scenarios can be effectively implemented using Windows Azure Storage. The Windows Azure Storage API will be covered in depth, along with techniques to increase the speed and reduce the cost of uploading data to Windows Azure. A solution storing the 4.3 million articles that make up the English Wikipedia content and providing a simple text index search will be used as a case study.





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