Architecture Best Practices in Microsoft Azure

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When building solutions for the Cloud it is critical to understand that every architecture decision has even more impacts than before as a bad code might get you out of business. For this reason in this session we will be focusing on:

  • Breaking down the baseline concepts of Cloud design
  • Defining the critical considerations which we should have when designing new Cloud solutions
  • Looking at Architectural Patterns which can help us succeed in this space, like Microservices, CQRS and Event Sourcing
  • Looking at real life examples of Azure Cloud Architectures, the trade-offs and results
  • Lessons Learned Building Azure Solutions

The key goal of this session is to create awareness of what considerations, architectural patterns and trade-offs should be done in order to have successful Cloud solutions and even more specific to Azure solutions.





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The Discussion

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    Hi Nuno Godinho,

    I saw that you use Service Bus Event Hubs for the EventStore.

    Which framework/sample do you use for CQRS and/or Event sourcing ?



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