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Microsoft .NET Core 1.1 includes support for additional Linux distributions, has many updates, and is the first Current release. Watch a quick command-line interface (CLI) demo on Linux of how to change your development track from 1.0 to 1.1. Then take a short tour of the new documentation service website, docs.microsoft.com.

Try out .NET Core 1.1 https://github.com/dotnet/core/tree/master/release-notes/1.1



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The Discussion

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    Link in video @ 1:24 says 'docs.microsoft.com/donet', should be 'docs.microsoft.com/dotnet' ;)

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    @David: Aww, man. :\ Now, I have to send some embarrassing emails to the production crew. :} Thanks for the catch :)

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    Excellent presentation! I need to start experimenting with .NET Core. (a)

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    Ed Ferron

    @RobertBernstein:agreed Kendra did a great job on this presentation

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    Time for some migrations from Asp.NET MVC 4.5 to .NET Core 1.1 thanks @kendrahavens and David for the clarification on the link ;)

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    Well cocked, migration from now to. Net Core,  results are promising, good luck.

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    Great stuff! Thanks.

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    Ahhh Kendra no beard this time????? Quite disappointed :P


    Great job on the video :)

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    No, Kendra, thank you!

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    Great presentation and great style .. bubbly and enthusiastic. More please.

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    Very good presentation. Yes it is possible to add subtitles in Spanish, please. Success Connect!

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    Great video! No costume changes this time, though! :D

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    I love your presentation style - so much power! Keep on doing that :)

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    .Net Core though cross-platform, it's first of all a Microsoft product so preference must always be given to Windows machines with regard to demos. You're promoting MacOS, yet you call yourself a Program Manager at Microsoft. We've had similar episodes in the mobile app department and that continues to dwindle the platform in every sense. Look at it this way - has any one seen Apple doing a demo on a Microsoft machine before - let alone doing it first on a Microsoft machine? Never! Microsoft you continue to shoot yourself in the foot and that will always have a negative impact on some of us loyal .NET developers. Almost all Xamarin demos are either for iOS or Android - why? Not to talk about the Microsoft apps on iOS - they are way better than their equivalents on Windows mobile. I could go on and on and on. Come on Microsoft! Wake up from your slumber! It's about time, if not past the time.

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    Great overview - I can't be the only person here who really wishes that the new docs site was an open source or purchasable solution for our own documentation.....Is it possible to get access to this somehow and host the docs on GitHub as shown? I really love that idea.

    I've got the 1.1 update, really looking forward to when we get .NET Standard 2.0 and the new versions of Xamarin, NETCore and UAP. Like you said in the videos the update is a simple change to the project.json file, I'm quite disappointed that the next major release of .NET Core is dropping it to go back to csproj type projects.

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    @DanHarris: DocFX is open source: https://dotnet.github.io/docfx/. But much of our solution is still closed and specific to our needs like our use of LiveFyre. The docs team would love to hear what specific use cases it would help you with. Want to email me at kehavens@microsoft.com?


    Thanks for the positive comments everyone! :D

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    @DanHarris:Hey! The doc team gave me a user voice to comment on: HERE! Send your scenarios there!

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    Every time I look at Microsoft these days they impress me more and more. My only complaint is that there's so much going on I can't keep up ;)

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    Why is it still called ASP? Is Active Server Pages still used?

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    sweet voice

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    Misinformed DNA

    Love your style! Very engaging.

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    Yury G

    Do I get the drift that post-XP Windows is detested even within Microsoft?

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