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    New user (so cannot post to forums at this time) and unsure where to find help. in your first videos about Asp.Net 5 (now core) you were able to make changes to code while in debug mode and just refresh page to have it update. Mine does not do that. 

    Also bootstrap snippet in toolbox only shows point and accordion. When trying your example of adding glyphicons through intellisence, the icons are not displaying only a big bold "B" is showing for everything. Also like when opening contact page, after project is made from template, the pop-up to add extensions never goes away. When I add the suggested glyphfriend, it remains and keeps downloading it.

    So I am unsure if these are things that broke, or maybe just my system; but any direction would be appreciated. I have VS Community 2015 version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3, with .Net Framework Version 4.6.01586. Adding the template used was Asp.Net core with Web Api.

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