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R Tools for Visual Studio now ships as part of the Data Science workload in Visual Studio 2017. Watch this video to learn about some new key features in this latest update, including:

  • Multiple independent plot windows 
  • Tooling for SQL R stored procedures for SQL Server 2016 
  • Integration of SQL Server Developer Tools and R Tools for Visual Studio projects




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The Discussion

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    unfortunately, I am not able to install R tool for Visual studio since it is only for Visual Studio 2015. I have Visual Studio 2017 RC so it's not compatible!!

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    Larry Goldstein

    I understand that the Data Science Workload will not ship with the initial release of Visual Studio 2017. Is there any estimate on its availability?

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    I found no R tools in the current visual studio RC.
    Please explicitly announce that it WILL be shipped later in the future.
    Thanks for the brilliant work and open source permission for me to learn and test.

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    Like the others, I couldn't find the installer of R for Visual Studio 2017.
    Kindly post the link, if it is available.

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    unfortunately, I am not able to install R tool for Visual studio since it is only for Visual Studio 2015. I have Visual Studio 2017 RC so it's not compatible!!

    I have the same problem, and the only version I can find is 2017. Please let us know when the fullpackage is ready to use.

    Finally a suggestion, It is better being able to install all those R client features with an only .exe archive, beacuse it is headache to install R client, R open and R tools VS by separated.

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    My VS 2017 Comm Ed install screen doesn't look like the one noted here.  I'm missing the "Data Science and Analytical App" workload choice.  How did that happen?

    Also, I tried to install VS 2015 for the R tools via MSDN and got several errors (presumably b/c i have VS SSDT 2013 and VS 2017 installed already) - too many VS's on one machine.

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    RTVS has now been included in the VS Installer for VS 2017. It is a separate item with its own checkbox.

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    RTVS won't work for VS2017 - it says that it installs correctly but ultimately the extension does not appear in VS2017. I tried all matters of installing again through Visual Studio Installer, rebooting, even uninstalled VS2015


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    When I add the SQL Stored Procedure for R, I do not see a Stored Procedure Template.SQL anywhere. Do you have any idea it would automatically be created?

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    does anyone know how to get that SQL Sever Object explorer on VS 2017 that John has in this video? I am new to VS world. your help would be appreciated.

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    @sbukhari: Ok, I am able to fix this issue. Apparently, I didn't had the SSDT integrated into my VS 2017 RC. So I simply re-initiated VS 2017 installer from my C drive > Modify Visul Studio 2017 and Check the unchecked options, "Data storage and processing" > Install helped me. For more details on SSDT, please navigate here.

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    I am running into this issue:

    when executing: 

    df <- sqlQuery(conn, iconv(paste(readLines('e:/my r work/dbconnect/rproject1/rproject1/sqlquery.sql', encoding = 'UTF-8', warn = FALSE), collapse = '\n'), from = 'UTF-8', to = 'ASCII', sub = ' '))

    Yields an error, 

    Error in odbcQuery(channel, query, rows_at_time) :
    'Calloc' could not allocate memory (214748364800 of 1 bytes)


    I don't have any memory issue for sure. I've a 5T hdd where i am saving all of my work, and an internal storage of 372GB. Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.

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