Web Development in Visual Studio 2017

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This video demonstrates how Visual Studio 2017 makes it easier to be more productive than ever as you create modern web applications.

Download Visual Studio 2017 and select the "Web Development" workload



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The Discussion

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    I've been waiting for visual studio debugger to work with Chrome for a long time. I'm so happy to see this functionality implemented. Thank you!

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    vs debugger and js is very nice indeed. Would have liked if you could provide more info and demos of the js debugger

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    Can we also navigate to definition of js  function or variable in vs 2017, like we do using Resharper for js, or like we do in C# source code?

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    Mads Kristensen


    Yes, Go To Definition of JavaScript and TypeScript function, variables etc. all works like you are used to in C#. 

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    Most of this video just shows Salsa project from Typescript team... quite anticlimactic. Good to see the same lack of front end development support as always. I don't wan to be mean, but front end has always been neglected in VS, and all improovements are just catching up with what top notch web devs have already been using every day. OTOH, it's probably awesome for enterprises with dinosaurs coding web pages...

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    @bholtzman:It was available in 2015 but it required some manual steps

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    Debugging client side .js files in VS 2017 works fine for me. Is it also possible to debug JavaScript / JQuery embedded directly into a .aspx file using a <script> tag? In my case the breakpoints are never hit.

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    Ismail Siraje

    did not benefit though just heard you talk the alway

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    how do i open it as a website?

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