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In this brief overview, we present some of the new productivity features to come for Microsoft .NET in Visual Studio 2017, including improvements in debugging, unit testing, live code analysis, and IntelliSense.

To get started and download Visual Studio 2017, visit: http://www.visualstudio.com



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The Discussion

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    Outstanding feature and video.  Can't wait for RTM.



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    Really cool features!!!. Waiting for RTM

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    Very nice. A bit concerned intellisense is getting too unwieldy and complicated (i.e. too many options). "intuitive" as the claim goes tends to be in the eye of the dev.

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    I like live testing and code coverage with NUnit shown. Eagerly waiting for RTM! Thanks. 

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    Cool features on debug of unit testing, thanks Kasey!

    Migrating to 2017 ;)

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    VS2017 = ReSharper + NCruch !!!

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    Very cool, but what on earth is it, that makes this a feature for Enterprise only? :S

    That is really strange actually. As if this is only valuable for Enterprises. "Hey, we're an Enterprise..., we do liiiiiiveeeee unit testing" (brag brag)(a)

    The decision for this choice was probably made by someone within an Enterprise, short-term commercial thinking :( It's not a developer feature, but a business feature... That's right, my 2 cents

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    // as a rookie I can say. visual studio 2017 RC : it's ok , feels different from vs2015 , but not too tricky . at least from the .NET side of things. from the installation process : is it possible maybe in the future to separate C# from VB as a choice to get one of them not both, to further reduce the install size.

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    I agree with @geertdoombos. Really great DEVELOPER feature and should not be limited to Enterprise SKU.

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    Meester Over

    Will be sticking with Resharper.

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    Great features, for the next version could we have live compilation, that would be amazing.

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    The only feature for I could shift to 2017 was "Live Unit Testing", and that's enterprise only...

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    Live unit testing and code fixes are awesome. very much excited !!!

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    Nice for C# lovers.
    Where are the improvements for VB.net and T-SQL?

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    // who defines the rules for the unit tests?

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    Looks like they're implementing a bunch more things we already have in JetBrains ReSharper. They're really going to get into a war over the left margin space :^)

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    Is there a way get a list of all the warning (those gray ....) ?

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    So they are just copying resharper? But hoooray for Null Refs telling us what was null!!

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    Tarik Guney

    I have seen most of these features provided by third party companies. For example, all the code suggestions have been provided by Resharper as far as I can remember. If you are invested in those extensions then I don't see a compelling reason to upgrade to VS 2017 except for under the hood performance tweaks and improvements.

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    Sailaja P

    Simply Awesome!!! loved the search feature and live code analysis..

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    Can share this code?  Appreciate it in advance !!! :)

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    Finally I can dump the piece of bloated junk that is Resharper. Hopefully Jetbrains has diversified.

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    Its good that VS2017 has incorporated a lot of Resharper features. I would like to use both Resharper and VS2017 new features, so that i can take advantage of best of both.  Love the new live unit testing feature.

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