Data Science and Web Development with Python in Visual Studio

Play Data Science and Web Development with Python in Visual Studio
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Learn about Python support in Visual Studio 2017. We will review the Data Science and Analytical Apps workload, and walkthrough how you can use the tools and environments that come with it to solve a machine learning problem. We will also look into a new templating engine we've built into the IDE to help developers get started on making integrated apps faster. 

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The Discussion

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    Integrating cookie cutter is ideal, but it could go further. In my view, a cookie cutter template should automatically appear as a *.pyproj , or a Solution with multiple *.pyproj's inside it. It should immediately allow for "set as startup project" for Build and Debug and should more directly allow for Publish or create a deployable package.

    Separately it would be ideal to create a .NET C# Solution which inside includes
    .csproj's and .pyproj's allow that both python and c# can call each other's classes and that the Visual studio debugger can seamlessly step through from one to the other - this would completely integrate python with .NET. As a C# developer I would include python at every opportunity into my .NET and could deploy it as a .NET artefact, without worrying about trying to package up the python code separately from the build.

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