Data Science and Web Development with Python in Visual Studio

Play Data Science and Web Development with Python in Visual Studio

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    Integrating cookie cutter is ideal, but it could go further. In my view, a cookie cutter template should automatically appear as a *.pyproj , or a Solution with multiple *.pyproj's inside it. It should immediately allow for "set as startup project" for Build and Debug and should more directly allow for Publish or create a deployable package.

    Separately it would be ideal to create a .NET C# Solution which inside includes
    .csproj's and .pyproj's allow that both python and c# can call each other's classes and that the Visual studio debugger can seamlessly step through from one to the other - this would completely integrate python with .NET. As a C# developer I would include python at every opportunity into my .NET and could deploy it as a .NET artefact, without worrying about trying to package up the python code separately from the build.

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