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This video shows how Visual Studio 2017 includes support for great mobile development, streamlines cloud development, and greatly boosts developer productivity with improvements for everything from IntelliSense to Unit Testing to performance.

Learn more and download Visual Studio 2017 visit: https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/visual-studio-2017-rc/




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The Discussion

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    Great overview of the new features. Thanks!

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    Nice overview of new features. Thank you.

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    Very nice presentation .... Thanks !!!

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    Awesome new features! TA!

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    Been over an hour now trying to install vs 2017 RC with 3 options, Win, Web and Mobile development. Taking far longer than has been claimed.

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    Oleksii Udovychenko

    Great review! Thanks!

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    What happened with Visual Studio "15?

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    1) At 2:32, Run to Click feature is same as Run To Cursor (Ctrl +F10) & Set Next Statement(Ctrl+Shift+F10)

    2) At 10: 03, the lines are gone when you use for loop

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    (a) VS is the strongest IDE in the universe

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    Can't wait to download. Amazing!!!

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    @Arianit : that is vs2017, Visual Studio "15 was just a temporary name .

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    @Arianit : that is vs2017, Visual Studio "15 was just a temporary name .

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    RJ van Lierop

    When will VS 2017 support .net Standard 2.0?

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    great features added into vs 2017.

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    Awesome.... I can't wait to use this

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    Manuel Riezebosch

    Shame you still promote test-last development.

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    Wonderful. Great features added into VS2017.

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    Malisa Ncube

    Awesome! Thanks

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    Its everything online today!!
    Will it be better ie., lighter and faster than php?
    Every-time it promises for a better language but yields something else.
    I think instead of making languages simplified it complicates in return.
    As such small players and organisations find it difficult to accept. They fear the odds of
    management and support.

    Rather than hurry,,
    It should come with a easy, simplified, fast and light language for everyone.

    Let's Wait!!!

    Sorry if I am wrong.

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    One should risk for bla,,bla,,blaaaaaaaaaaaa........

    It takes time to master a language.
    One gets involved in mastering by wasting valuable time, energy and everything.
    By the time he acquires he realizes he has blundered his career and time and finds himself nowhere.

    Its might be bla,,bla,,bla........
    as the previous bla,,bla,,bla........

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    Does Live Unit Test works with Tests in a different solution?

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    Dennis Riungu

    VS 2017 makes me feel like superman with code

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    Love it - well done, sir !! :)

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    Great improvements over VS2015 BUT disappointed that the Unit Test that stopped working for me for over a month is still an issue with VS2017 RC. I tried out VS2017 RC in the hope that the problem would be rectified. But sadly no. This issue is already logged against VS2017 at url: https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/content/problem/2583/cannot-runt-test-in-the-simple-uwp-unit-testing-ap.html
    How such an important design issue (Unit Testing) remain unresolved really surprises me. I cannot use VS2015, nor VS2017 to run a unit test because the tests are not discovered. Please do something about this.

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    Pedro Abreu Magaia Junior

    Loved it.
    Great features.

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    Arie Bosman

    Great new install menu, keep it up!

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    s p

    The perf tip explanation is not correct. Time taken for that line of code to execute ?? That line has not executed yet. In fact it tells you what it is in the tool tip : time elapsed since the previous breakpoint. Also isn't run-to-click the same as run-to-cursor ? granted it is a nice convenience but it does not really solve the problem you state (temp breakpoints)

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    we need any brief about javascipt in VS2017

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    great this IDE visual studio 2017 mobile based new feature ..

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    What a mess VS2017 is... Downloaded and uninstalled 5 times now. Not even the stock web mvc project works so obviously migrating my VS2015 project failed. The experience with 2017RC was even worse.Mind boggling that this IDE has even been launched in its current state.

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