Using the Desktop Bridge to bring desktop apps to the Windows Store

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Windows 10 enables existing desktop applications (like Win32 and .NET) to become part of the UWP ecosystem and to be distributed in the Windows Store. This session will talk about new capabilities and tools for the Desktop Bridge conversion process and the ways that you can take advantage of UWP features to enhance your apps.

Start using the Desktop Bridge here:

For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:


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The Discussion

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    Jonny Yu

    How complex scenario does MSI -> Appx converter support?

    * MSI contains other MSMs?

    * files needs be installed into shared folder?

    * Registries?

    * custom install actions?

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    @Jonny Yu: the Desktop Bridge can handle complex installers (MSI and other types of installers). Please be sure to read this topic which lists a number of caveats you should be aware of before starting your conversion:

    Stefan Wick

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    Is there a way to add a Desktop bridge project manually?  I have desktop apps that do not use installer or MSI package. I just want to package them for distribution in the store.

    I was a bit put out that you didn't show how you started from a MSI to a visual studio project. That was the part I wanted to see.

    Thanks in advance



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    @jmbrq: If your app doesn't have an installer, you can follow this example:

    To use this with the Visual Studio extension for debugging Desktop Bridge apps, create a new "Desktop to UWP Packaging" project in your solution and add the 'CentennialPackage' folder from the sample as your Package Layout.

    Let me know if you have more questions about this.

    Stefan Wick

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    Hello @StephanWick, I must be dumb or something. I got the whole github DesktopBridgeToUWP-Samples. I installed the "Desktop to UWP Packaging" extension, so I could access the new project type.

    When I open the sample solution "DesktopBridgeDemoStep1" in Visual Studio 2017RC, I can't get it to run. I am able to run MyDesktopApp project but not UWPPackager.

    I can't figure out how to diagnose the trouble I am having. Could you provide some hint?



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    it doesn't work for all PC

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