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Adding UI Automation for testing will speed up your development cycle and improve product quality. In this session, we'll demo how to use Appium test framework support for Windows applications, how to use Visual Studio to run Appium tests, and how to set up Appium in a CI environment.




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The Discussion

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Stacey Doerr

    Hi Zeo, WinAppDriver only works in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later, which is 14393+.

    Hope this helps.

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    Stacey Doerr

    Actually, I just consulted with Yosef and he says that WinAppDriver should work on any version of win10 so my previous statement was incorrect. Looking at your video, you are getting commands driving Notepad and it just isn't finding the right element. I'll sync with Yosef on Monday and see if we can figure out why.

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    Thanks Stacey.  Hi Zeo.  We'll continue tracking your notepad sample issue here:


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    Is there a plan to have WinAppDriver available also for mobile devices, e.g. Lumia smartphones? We use CodedUI for testing but Appium would enable us to cover other platforms as well. Thanks.

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    Yosef Durr

    @jivanko yes, we're currently investigating mobile device support.

    you can upvote and follow progress here


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    So, can I use it for Xbox - and I mean Xbox any apps?

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    @Yosef Durr thanks.

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    Between assembly signatures that don't match (the CalculatorTest) and not being able to find the Castle.Core assembly, all the hard work all you all have done merely establishes a priesthood.

    If one has the technical prerequisites (Windows 10.0.14393, Visual Studio 2017 RC) which are known good, AND one follows the download and run instructions, AND one verifies the utility of it all by applying the directions to run from the (Administrator) command line
    ----------- BUT IT DOES NOT WORK ------------
    what are mere mortals supposed to conclude?

    Respectfully yours (a day later),
    the greater fool

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    How to automate windows mobile apps
    Please help

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    Dhana Prakash

    Hi Yosef,

    Is there any way i can run these automated scripts inside xbox console ?

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    how to send keys in winapp driver , i tried this send_keys("test"), but doesn't work , could you please help me

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    Yaacov P

    Can anyone assist with the following issue:

    Currently I have 1000 automation tests that been developed using Coded-UI (CUITS).
    Since we would like to move on to Appium, is there any converter for such task? to convert CUIT's teststo Appium?

    What would happen with this tests after VS-2019? in case we will not move to Appium? Do they will still run?
    Thanks in advanced for your help!

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    Resources link on the top is broken.

    Please fix this.


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