Intelligent Applications and Analytics Cloud Patterns

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The cloud is truly becoming the "brain" for our connected planet. You're not just running algorithms in the cloud, rather you're connecting that with data from sensors from around the world, historical data or real-time data collected by applications. By bringing data into the cloud, you can integrate all of the information, apply Machine Learning and AI on top of that, and deliver applications that are continuously learning and evolving in the cloud, and providing rich customer experiences. Consequently, the devices and applications connected to cloud are learning and becoming increasingly intelligent.

Please join Rohan Kumar, GM for Data Platform at Microsoft, on a journey through the new application and analytics patterns that are emerging as we bring advanced intelligence, the cloud, IoT and Big Data together.



The Discussion

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    There is so much value here. It is easy to miss just how much leverage having R operating DIRECTLY on the live transaction system brings to the table. This is the real deal; predictive analytics in real time. 

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    William D Combs

    Is there a developmental language available that makes use of fixed field records in a format such as that used in the legacy language of dBase or FoPro?

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    @William D Combs:You could write a custom extractor in U-SQL to schematize the formats...

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